Wooden watch, the trend of the moment!

Watchmakers have understood this well: the ecological trend is more present than ever. Jewelry is now part of a sustainable development approach, without losing a dose of style, quite the contrary.

The new accessory that makes men and women crack is the wooden watch and his sleek design. She brings a very sophisticated vintage spirit, and above all a unique style to mark her personality.

Interchangeable bracelets, connected watches, stopwatch, customizable dial, all the traditional options are found on the wooden watch with a surplus of charm.

Where does the wooden watch trend come from? How to choose your wooden watch?

The wooden watch: eco-responsible AND stylish

In recent years, fashion has been more and more responsible. We instinctively turn to natural products, biodegradable materials and our purchases are more eco-responsible by giving a second life to our accessories and our clothes. In short, everything is done to create ethical fashion accessories that have style.

After wooden bow ties in a unique and chic style, the new trend that is a hit this year is that of wooden watches. A trend for men and women who want to enhance their wrist with an original watch.

With its chic retro style, the wooden watch has it all. It wants to be ecologically responsible but in addition it brings a certain authenticity that watches with leather straps do not have.

Why do we fall for the wooden watch?

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the advantages of the wooden watch are numerous.

First of all, you will be surprised by its lightness compared to a plastic, metal or steel watch. A positive point when you are used to wearing watches every day on your wrist. However, the wooden watch is durable and strong over time. Not to mention the look of the wood which ages somewhat over the years to give this old world charm to your wooden watch.

This is an original gift idea that will suit both men and women!

We also like his contemporary and vintage look at the same time. The wooden watch has a minimalist look with a clean design and there are a multitude of different models. You can even personalize it by choosing the wood of your dial, the type of dial (analogue, digital hands, second hand, etc.).

Finally, the wood is allergen-free. Ideal for people with sensitive skin who want to wear a trendy fashion accessory without having allergy problems.

Which wooden watch to choose?

trendy wooden watch

Buying a watch is good, but creating your own watch is even more original! In maple, bamboo, walnut, sandalwood, olive, teak or rosewoodbrown, beige, black, you will have the opportunity to make yourself a customizable wooden watch that perfectly matches your tastes.

You will be able to fall for a leather strap with a wooden dial, a model with interchangeable strap or even a watch made entirely of wood.

On the dial side of the watch, it’s the same thing, the selection criteria are not lacking: apparent mechanismstopwatch, hands, digital screen…

We advise you to rely on the usual colors that you usually wear on your classic watches to make your choice. Look at the style of your wardrobe. Do you rather like luxury watches with a very clean look or trendy contemporary models? Are you more digital watches or do you prefer an old-fashioned watch with a second hand?

Finally, we can only tell you to crack for a pretty timepiece case to keep your watch away from moisture.

The wooden watch: waterproof or not?

This is one of the most asked questions about the wooden watch. Is it waterproof? Not completely. Indeed, although most models are very resistant to splashes or splashes of water, however, you should avoid taking a shower with your wooden watch.

Whether you are looking for a gift for man or woman or whether you want to buy yourself a unique jewel, the wooden watch is an excellent option. Very elegant on the wrists, they reflect your personality and bring an authentic touch that is very different from the classic watch. And in addition, it is an eco-responsible purchase!


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