Women’s fashion: what bag for back to school

Women’s fashion: what bag for back to school

Going back to work after the summer holidays is always difficult and it can take a toll on morale… However, we have a good reason to motivate you for the start of the new school year: a new bag! Back to work allows you to splurge with your wallet to impress your colleagues and give your style a boost. But the real question is: what bag for back to school? Each autumn, the brands offer new pieces to help you avoid the end of summer blues.

Which back-to-school bag to choose?

It is important not to rush, because you do not choose a bag for the start of the school year as you would choose an evening clutch. Indeed, this type of bag must be designed to optimize your daily life. Here are the different criteria to consider:

  • The size: what do you need to put in this bag? Your smartphone, your wallet and emergency makeup? A shoulder bag will be enough. On the other hand, if you need to carry files, a laptop, etc. you will need a bigger bag. For example, a backpack or a tote;
  • The style: this bag should match your style. Don’t go buying a classic, plain bag if you like fancy. On the other hand, if you have a more sober look, opt for a basic and neutral back-to-school bag that will suit all the outfits in your closet;
  • Weight: some bags can be very heavy, especially leather bags and those with many details (pockets, zippers, embroidery, etc.). Think about it, especially if you take public transport or walk to work;
  • The type of bag: it sometimes happens to have only one type of bag, but in several colors. For this new school year, try to change! Opt for a bag that is out of your habits. For example, if you already have two shoulder bags for work, why not try the tote? So you could vary your collection.

What are the trendy bags for the start of the 2021 school year?

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For this start of the 2021 school year, the trends vary: graphic or classic curves, sizes XXS or XXL, shoulder bags or backpacks, etc. As you will have understood, this return to school promises to be difficult in terms of choice, because the trends are going in all directions and in particular in the opposite direction.

For bags, three models are particularly highlighted by brands and designers: micro bagsTHE XXL shopping bag and the backpackss. To choose which bag for the start of the school year, several choices are available to you:

  1. You fall for the three versions!
  2. You define your needs and choose the size that will be the most practical for you on a daily basis, keeping in mind that the shoulder bag is less heavy and practical, but its capacity is reduced; the XXL tote is a maxi bag big enough to fit all your stuff and more, but it can be heavy; And the backpack makes everyone agreebecause its capacity, practicality and weight vary from one model to another.

Our favorite for this start of the 2021 school year

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Whether you are a student or well established in active life, if you are looking for a bag for the start of the school year, this bag is ideal. This is the… Backpack! Formerly reserved for college girls, the backpack adapts today to all clothing styles, all ages and all uses!

Indeed, you will be able to fit all your belongings inside: course notebook, laptop, files to be returned, etc. The trend that dominates the backpack market today is the thin and compact backpack, while remaining functional with many pockets and enough capacity to fit at least one laptop.

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The most popular models for this back to school 2021 are backpacks with details that reveal all their importance: golden zipper instead of the traditional gray or pompoms instead of zips.

For functionality, backpacks are increasingly connected. They offer outlets for charging your phone using an external battery, anti-theft pockets and a headphone jack.

In terms of colors, you are free to choose. Black, blue and brown for the most sober and with sparkling colors or original patterns for the most eccentric among you.


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