Women’s fashion: the next trends not to be missed!

Women’s fashion is constantly evolving. Each new season brings a new look or a different style. Thus, at the dawn of the new year, it is necessary to learn about current trends to prepare for future purchases of fashionable clothes and accessories. However, what will be the key pieces next year? Which leather goods accessories to combine them with?

The handbag: the key models of the season

It’s hard to imagine going out without a handbag. To accessorize your outfits this season, a wide range of women’s handbags are available on the market. great leather goods like ready-to-wear. They come in different styles, but will perfectly meet your practical needs.

The pleated bag is a good choice that seduces with its rounded shape. The model has the shape of a half moon. It is undoubtedly part of the trends of the next season. We love its cocooning aspect and we prefer it ultra-colorful for a more sparkling look.

On the motive side, animal print bags are at the heart of the trend. They make it possible to break up the colors and stand out. You will find them in different colors with a wide variety of models according to your preferences.

If you are looking for a versatile handbag, choose the Gabrielle vegan leather bag. It offers different possibilities of use. You can use it as a clutch, over the shoulder or as a fanny pack. It all depends on your inspiration at the time.

The jumpsuit is making a comeback

camel beige jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has never failed to seduce fashion enthusiasts. After having been relegated for a moment to the background, it regains its right of citizenship. To give you personality, it’s the garment to prioritize in your dressing room.

You have the option of opting for the casual models which are flexible or the more sophisticated ones. In this category, the pants are looser. There are other models with short or long sleeves. The choice depends on the desired effect.

The oversized look is still popular

women's oversized leather jacket

Old trends are resurfacing this season. The close-fitting clothes failed to overshadow the oversized look. No more question of investing in the purchase of slim clothes. By adopting the oversized lookyou will always be up to date this season.

From top to bottom, this look has something to transform you whether you opt for a tee, jeans or an oversized shirt. Although this look seems to stick with the streetwear style, it is very popular and the sales figures so far deserve its return.

However, you have to be balanced in your choices. The “all oversize” mode is not trendy and risks crushing you. If you opt for an oversized top (t-shirt or shirt for example), you must wear a skirt at your waist or slim pants in which to slightly put on the bottom of the coat. In winter, choose a coat with dropped shoulders and combine it with skinny jeans.

In summer, you can reverse the order and wear very loose pants, then add a wide-sleeved t-shirt as a top. You can also tie the sleeves to show off the pants more and have a balanced oversized look.

The colors are at the rendezvous this season

women's orange down jacket

To be trendy this season, you need to keep certain colors in mind. At the top of the list, go for Orange color to bring pep to your outfits. This vibrant color can be combined with several other colors such as green and yellow.

Mustard yellow also invites itself to the rendezvous of the next fashion trends. You won’t have to wonder which colors to match with it because it pairs with all sorts of shades. Fuchsia pink is also a must. This mythical color is found in all trends.

You can wear it as a total look or choose a top or bottom to match with another color. You still have to be careful about the color of the shoes to wear for a perfect look. Finally, purple is not to be put aside for the next season. Be careful in choosing the shade so that it can suit your look.

You now know a little more about the next trends in women’s fashion. Whether it’s accessories, patterns, colors or looks, don’t hesitate to treat yourself.


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