Why try the menstrual swimsuit to swim all summer long?

Why should we all trying on the menstrual swimsuit for our summer swims? Why the tampon is not suitable for situations like the beach? How to forget your period during your vacation with suitable protection?

Our advices.

Why aren’t tampons suitable for the beach?

Of course, on the beach it is not possible to bathe with a sanitary towel, which is why many women opt for the tampon solution… but is it really the best? The tampon unfortunately has many disadvantages, here are the main ones.

The tampon should be changed often

tampons are made to absorb blood and secretions during menstruation, however, they cannot do this indefinitely. If a tampon is left on longer than necessary, it could not only be ineffective, but also very dangerous. Beyond 4 hours, bacteria and germs can multiply and cause infections, even worse with toxic shock syndrome. However, we sometimes stay on the beach for entire afternoons without a place nearby to change our sanitary protection.

Moreover it is necessary change tampons frequently to prevent leakage and unpleasant odorswhich is all the more necessary in a swimsuit in the summer in the hot weather.

It must be changed in optimal hygienic conditions

On the beach it is sometimes very difficult to remove and change your tampon in good conditions. Remember that tampons are internal and can carry a large number of bacteria with them and must be inserted with clean hands, in clean placeswhich is not always possible on the beach.

It is not recommended in case of light flow

At the beginning and at the end of your period, it is not recommended to wear tampons which may show irritants because too absorbent even though the vagina is not sufficiently lubricated. In addition, some women make the mistake of wearing a tampon as a preventive measure, fearing that their periods will arrive during the day, which is dangerous! Forget the tampons at the beginning and at the very end of the cycle…

It may be ineffective in case of very heavy periods

The main problem with using tampons for heavy periods is the risk of leaks and irritation. The absorption capacity of tampons is limited and may not be sufficient to handle heavy flows, especially during an afternoon at the beach, where the fear of women in swimsuits is the leak!

The menstrual swimsuit: the solution that meets all the votes!

The period swimsuit: healthy and effective

menstrual swimsuit

The menstrual swimsuit is a healthy alternative to sanitary pads and tampons. Free of chemicals (provided you choose it without micro silver particles), it offers safe and waterproof protection during menstruation, while being both discreet and comfortable. Integrated absorbent technology allows blood flow to be absorbed and contained, offering maximum protection, with soft and breathable fabrics! Which is ideal in the heat wave… You will understand, the menstrual swimsuit offers many advantages (more information here)!

It is compatible with all our aquatic and summer activities

Do you want to swim, enjoy water activities without worrying about your period? Well the menstrual jersey is made for you! Made from materials specially adapted to follow the movements of the body and offer optimal protection, this means that when swimming or surfing, you don’t have to worry about leaks or stains.

It can be worn even in case of heavy periods

Wondering if you can swim with a heavy period or in the middle of your cycle? Yes, because period swimsuits are offered in several levels of absorption, even very high flows, and menorrhagia.

It is as discreet and aesthetic as a classic jersey

white menstrual swimsuit

In addition, the menstrual swimsuit is very discreet and does not give the impression that you are wearing sanitary protection, you do not have to worry about prying eyes because it goes as unnoticed as a classic swimsuit! Women can therefore wear their swimsuits with confidence and enjoy their holidays to the fullest. Whether they like one-piece swimsuits, with a bare back, shimmering patterns or trendy shapes, there is something for everyone because the manufacturers have understood it well: the menstrual swimsuit is the key piece of our summer!

Thus, the menstrual swimsuit offers many advantages for women who have their period and want to go to the beach or the swimming pool. It is very absorbent, comfortable and safe to wear. It is also very discreet and can be easily worn under normal clothing, very easy to clean and maintain, it ticks all the boxes!


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