Which wedding decoration to choose for a Coachella theme?

Coachella, the annual festival held every year in California, has become a source of inspiration for wedding themes. It is a theme chosen by many newlyweds who wish to organize the festivities outdoors. Decoration plays a big part in this bohemian chic festival theme. There are many colorful elements, natural objects, vegetation, glitter and many other touches that are specific to the Coachella universe. Do you also want to get started in this original wedding theme? Here’s how to make a success of your Coachella-inspired wedding decor in two in three steps!

Flowers: the absolutely essential element that must be abused

The main key element of a Coachella wedding decoration is to incorporate flowers. Flowers are synonymous with sweetness. They connect us to nature. They permeate places with delicate smells and sweet perfumes. So do not hesitate to use them everywhere in the decoration of your place of reception. In addition to being in the hair of the guests or on the beautiful ceremonial dressesthe flowers must be found in different places and in different forms. Floral arch, hanging flowers, rustic bouquets hung everywhere, you just have to give free rein to your desires while keeping harmony. One thing is certain, it is fashionable to place pampas grasses in large glass jars and to put beautiful colorful flowers everywhere in the decor. Find inspiration on reference sites like Zodio!

Rattan do you want some here!

Second widely acclaimed wedding decoration in a Coachella wedding theme: rattan decoration. You can slip it into your outdoor wedding with beautiful rattan garden furniture on which cushions with exotic prints are placed. You can also slip it into the decoration of the tables with beautiful rattan lanterns or even imagine it on rattan mirrors that permeate the universe of the room if you are inside.

Mattresses, benches and floor cushions

coachella wedding decoration

The theme you have chosen is a wedding theme rather chic casual. Il evokes relaxation and letting it go. If we think Coachella, we immediately imagine several quiet corners to land on the ground. In this spirit, mattresses, benches and floor cushions are precious allies. They will create the perfect atmosphere to reproduce the desired mood. Don’t hesitate to choose them in a wide variety of colors with mustard yellow, pine green, electric blue, fuchsia pink, etc. Terracotta shades are also very popular.

wooden decorative elements

A little everywhere in your decoration, you can also slide wooden elements to recall the link with nature. Wooden stool, wooden nesting tables, wooden crate, these are not the items that are missing in decoration stores. Raw wood will add a touch of charm and authenticity.

candles and lighting

Coachella-inspired weddings often take place outdoors. Light and lighting are therefore essential in decoration. It must inspire the festivities while being slightly subdued. It is therefore included in the form of colored lanterns with a small guinguette spirit or tealight candles placed everywhere. For added safety, we recommend LED lights placed on the tables.

Small bohemian decorative elements

The bohemian touch is undeniably linked to the festive universe of Coachella. Now is the time to adorn your decor with dream catchers, flower hoops, white sheets, rattan armchairs, tepees, seashells, etc.

The balls

Balloons are favored decorative items for this wedding theme. They can decorate an arch or an area dedicated to the photobooth, For example. We choose them colored in bright shades or pastel shades or in a luminous LED balloon version to light up the evening once the sun has gone down!

The table decoration

coachella table wedding decorations

Let’s not forget the essential table decoration which must be associated with the rest of the overall decor. Burlap table runners, lace tablecloths, candlesticks, vintage decorative elements, wooden place cards, slates, table services in multicolored hues, there are a thousand and one ways to create a boho chic wedding table!

The Coachella-inspired wedding decor offers great freedom to the bride and groom. It is intended to be natural, playful and colorful at the same time. In other words, you should really have fun making it!


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