Which bridesmaid dress to choose this season?

Having the chance to be a bridesmaid is a privilege. It means that a person counts you among their dear ones and wants to entrust you with a special role. During the wedding and the festivities, you will be a shoulder for the bride. You will also probably be called upon to provide your assistance for the smooth running of the day and the evening. Like all bridesmaids who have been given this task, you probably want to find the perfect formal dress. What kind of dresses do the bridesmaids wear? Is it essential to match your outfits to the other bridesmaids?

Bridesmaid: a special position that requires a suitable outfit

Being a bridesmaid necessarily means that you will be highlighted during the wedding. Whether during the ceremony or during the evening, the guests will distinguish you by the role you will play. It is therefore important to have an outfit that matches your position. Just like the witnesses of the bride, the bridesmaids like to get ready for their most beautiful outfit for the big day. Moreover, in American films, the bridesmaids always have sumptuous ceremonial dresses granted. This symbolism is well anchored in the unconscious, even if it is less common to have bridesmaids on our side of France. Either way, you’ll have to find a suitable outfit. The bridesmaid dress seems to be just the thing!

Are you still hesitating about the hundreds of models offered in the shops? Is it too much or not enough? Aren’t you going to steal the show from the bride with such a beautiful dress? Stop torturing your mind! Yes, you have the right to a dress dressier than a normal guest. Beautiful materials, neat finishes, princess dress cuts, the bridesmaid can afford to get carried away with her outfit! This is the perfect opportunity to wear a beautiful sequined cocktail dress or to dare the bare back dress. In other words, do not hesitate to fall for a unique dress in which you will distinguish yourself.

Which ceremonial dress to choose?

how to choose chic navy bridesmaid dress

Special occasion, special dress! Tulle cocktail dress, chiffon dress, sequin dress, bare back or neckline, it’s now or never to take the plunge!

The bridesmaids usually have very beautiful long and floaty dresses. This is a distinctive detail among the other guests. These dresses always inspire elegance and romance. However, this does not mean that you absolutely have to fall for a long dress. There are sumptuous short cocktail dresses for bridesmaids.

Generally, if the dress looks a bit like what you’d wear to a prom, you’re on the right track. The bridesmaid dress can afford cuts that others cannot dare. The slit dress, for example, bold and glamorous, it will be absolutely beautiful for the role you are going to play! A beautiful cocktail dress with bare shoulders and floor length can also be perfectly suited. Satin dresses are also sublime formal dresses for bridesmaids.

What color to choose for a bridesmaid dress?

what bridesmaid dress

For questions of elegance, bridesmaids are recommended to avoid prints. The grace it represents in the procession of the bride must be done in a refined way. Pastel shades are among the colors to be preferred. Water green, pastel pink, sky blue, all these light colors bring softness and romance. Dark shades can also be used for their chic, such as midnight blue, fir green or burgundy.. When they are married to satin fabrics or noble fabrics, these colors are all the more distinguished.

how to choose bridesmaid dress

Then there is the question of whether to match your outfits between bridesmaids. Very often, it is the bride who decides on this question. If a color code is imposed, maybe it is possible to go with a shades of colors to create a nice gradient. The important thing is above all to choose a shade in which you feel beautiful.

The importance of accessories

To punctuate your outfit with a sophisticated distinctive touch, do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit. Beautiful rhinestone heels, a sparkling necklace, a refined minaudière, without overdoing it, take the time to take care of your entire outfit. Accessories help match the theme of the wedding. They are also good ways to stand out if you have chosen a minimalist dress. For example, why not wear a beautiful flower crown to match your dress?

As a final tip, don’t forget to get along with the other bridesmaids. Even if you don’t have the same types of dresses or colors, it is important to have harmony in your outfits.


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