When and why rent a wedding marquee?

Wedding marquees find their place in outdoor receptions, but not only. And that’s good, because installing a barnum at your wedding can be very useful on D-Day. When and why hire a wedding marquee ? This rental event equipment has many advantages for the wedding day.

The trend of wedding barnums

Key elements for holding major events, the barnums have adapted to the needs of couples to become centerpieces of the wedding festivities. Materials, colors, flooring… wedding marquees are available in many models. A successful bet: wedding marquees for rent are in high demand.

Reception tents seduce future bride and groom with their modularity, in terms of reception capacity, opening/closing, layout and decoration.

The trend for wedding marquees is also driven by the explosion of secular ceremonies and nature and bohemian themes.

Protect your guests at an outdoor wedding

Secular ceremonies often take place in the open air. Just like the wine of honor. Wedding entertainment also sometimes takes place outdoors, when not the whole party takes on a garden party twist. Smokers are also invited to leave so as not to disturb non-smokers.

A wedding is therefore far from being compartmentalized: regularly, the guests are brought out of the reception room.

For each of these moments to remain friendly and festive, the provision of a wedding marquee is welcome. The barnum protects guests from the vagaries of the weather : it is a dry shelter in case of rain, insulates in case of strong wind, offers a shaded corner in case of strong sun.

Also, the wedding tent delimits the space, marks an area, as a landmark for the guests and/or the service providers.

A thematic area under a marquee

wedding marquee rental

Technical room for service providers, children’s area… the wedding marquee can become a themed area. This often facilitates the organization of the reception and the smooth running of the festivities..

For example, service providers can store all their equipment in this single, secure point, out of sight of guests. Children can play and dine in a secure space that is entirely dedicated to them, reassuring for parents. For a dance floor under a marquee, opt for a reception tent with a floor.

A sumptuous reception area at a lower cost

The most beautiful reception rooms are often not very available because they are booked very quickly and at sometimes exorbitant prices. There is a solution to have a wedding hall open to a sumptuous panorama, at a lower cost and always available: rent your wedding marquee.

Many wedding marquees are available for hire, often at lower prices than those of wedding halls, with equivalent reception capacity. Renting your wedding marquee is more economical than buying it when you don’t have the opportunity to reuse it often on other occasions.

The party tent can be just as lavish once decorated. Removable, it also has the advantage of being easy to install, wherever you want, while the location is imposed by a built-in room. Beach, orchard, mountain, courtyard, private land… the wedding marquee stands wherever the bride and groom wisht.

Welcome more guests to your wedding thanks to the event marquee

wedding marquee rental

Renting a wedding marquee in addition to a wedding hall allows you to have an additional space in which to welcome your guests.

It can be installed near the wedding hall, in its courtyard or even juxtaposed to the building.

For a large wedding, this makes it possible to accommodate a large number of guests in excellent conditions.

Especially since several reception tents can often be connected to each other for an even larger surface.

The flexibility of renting a wedding marquee

Renting a wedding marquee rather than buying it allows you to have your equipment ready to hand: the rental contract offered by the service provider can provide for the transport of the barnum to the chosen site and its installation.

After taking stock of your needs in terms of surface area, number of barnums and options, all you have to do is book your wedding tent a few weeks before the ceremony to have your equipment available on the desired day(s).

Renting is also a more advantageous solution for couples who will not need the equipment once their ceremony is over. The equipment is returned to the service providers, there is no need to seek a storage or resale solution.

Renting wedding marquees is a practical, useful and trendy solution for a successful reception. Reception tent, technical space, area dedicated to children… wedding barnums find multiple uses during the ceremony as well as during the festivities.


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