What wedding makeup when you’re brunette?

What wedding makeup when you’re brunette?

To appear in front of your guests, having the most beautiful wedding dress is not enough. To be breathtaking at your wedding, the make-up is also very important. Because it is from head to toe that the appearance of the bride is very scrutinized on her wedding day. A pretty wedding makeup will highlight the face but also the hairstyle. It is chosen in particular according to the color of the hair. What wedding makeup when you are brunette ? Our wedding beauty tips.

Highlighting her brunette bridal face assets with makeup

Successful wedding makeup for a brunette bride highlights the strengths of her face. Especially the eyes or the mouth. It also goes through a uniform complexion, without shine and without imperfections..

A radiant complexion for her wedding

Ideally, the future bride takes care of her skin before the big day. She eats healthy and sleeps enough to have naturally radiant skin.

However, the stress of wedding preparations sometimes thwarts these plans and leaves its mark on the face of the future wife.

Work on your complexion is therefore important to display a radiant and flawless appearance on the wedding day. It is chosen with the shade closest to its natural skin color.

  • A brunette bride with light skin will thus turn to a beige, golden, neutral, light or pink foundation.
  • A brunette bride with dark skin will prefer a golden, honey or caramel foundation.

What eye makeup for a brunette bride?

The bride’s brown hair allows her to wear eyeshadow in any color she wants. However, some will be the most beautiful effect depending on the color of his eyes.

Make up the brown eyes of the brunette bride

The bride with brown hair and brown eyes can highlight your eyes with green, pink, blue eyeshadow… Full of freshness, these colors illuminate the look with pastel wedding makeup. Or, if the theme of the wedding and the personality of the bride lends itself to it, with an ultra-colorful and original make-up.

For a rock’n’roll spirit, opt for metallic headlights.

Brown, golden or even beige eyeshadows are safe bets to bring out hazel-colored eyes.

Blurred and combined with dark shadows such as black and gray, these colors make it possible to achieve smoky smokey eyeswhich go well with irises and brown hair.

They also combine perfectly well with eyeliner, especially worked in siren eyes.

Make up the blue eyes of the brunette bride

brunette bride makeup blue eyes

The blue eyes of a brunette bride are a real charm asset. Pink and orange eye shadows go particularly well with it.

Only blue eyeshadow should be avoided.

Make up the brown bride’s green eyes

The rarity of green eyes on a brunette bride gives them a natural appeal that makeup can further enhance.

This eye color goes perfectly well with purple or beige eyeshadow.

Brunette bride: what lipstick for her wedding?

brunette bride makeup

All shades of lipstick are suitable for brunettes. The bride can dare the sensual red mouth, the wise pink mouth, the more original fuchsia or brown mouth.

A brightly colored lipstick is particularly striking on fair skin. A light-colored lipstick looks pale for the bride with dark skin.

Makeup for brunette brides: our selection

The perfect wedding makeup for a brunette bride depends on her tastes and desires, her complexion, the color of her eyes, her lips, her style, her dress, her hairstyle. Here is a selection of beautiful brunette bridal wedding makeup for inspiration.

Ultra-natural nude wedding makeup

trend, the nude makeup is ideal for highlighting your natural brunette beauty while remaining yourself.

It is a question of using colors very close to its natural skin tones: from beige to brown, passing through pink and orange.

Very fresh, this discreet make-up gives a healthy glow, erasing the signs that the wedding preparations may have marked.

It also has the advantage of being able to be worn with all styles of wedding dress, and of not diverting the gaze of the guests.

A romantic make-up to say yes

Romance is always present in one way or another during a wedding. The bride with brown hair can opt for makeup in this theme thanks to the pastel shadows and lipsticks in soft colors.

Bohemian chic makeup

The bohemian chic bride can opt for bold colors like blue and green. Gold or even nude also fit perfectly into the theme.

Sophisticated makeup

Smokey eyes or bright red mouthsophisticated makeup likes dark, dark, assumed colors.

Wedding makeup for brunette bride: useful tips

Whatever colors you choose, it is important to wear quality makeup at your wedding. This quality is apprehended for the respect of the skin of the bride, but also in terms of the durability of the makeup until the end of the festivities. Alterations are inevitable during the day and evening, it is better to make sure that they can be done easily. Finally, doing wedding make-up tests before the D-Day allows you to find your ideal make-up and save precious time on the wedding day.


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