What style of cuff bracelet to choose to be in trend?

Do you like jewelry and more particularly bracelets? then you will love it cuff bracelets, which punctuate the jewelry trend for this year 2021. The cuff bracelet is definitely the style of bracelet you can’t live without! It goes well with large earrings and a long necklace or even a choker. We confirm it to you: the cuff bracelet is a jewel that we keep for a long time and that we never tire of!

What is the cuff bracelet?

The cuff bracelet is an essential accessory This year. This jewel was born around the 1850s and was particularly trendy in the 1930s. It is often a thick and rigid bracelet, although there are some rather thin and flexible models. It belts the wrist without surrounding it completely and can go up quite high at the level of the forearm. Some cuff bracelets are worn on the upper arms. This type of bracelet is very trendy and gives style to any style of dress!
It is a perfect gift for a woman. THE cuff bracelets can be of different styles and all possible colors, there is not only gold or silver. They are suitable for all outfits, if they are well tuned. With a beautiful adornment, accompanied by a necklace and earrings, they can give you an unforgettable look !

What are the trending styles of cuff bracelets?

The pearl cuff bracelet

A real nod to the 1930s, beaded cuff bracelets are back on the catwalk of trendy jewelry ! Their feminine and delicate appearance ensures a romantic and precious look that will not go unnoticed. As on the very beautiful Mademoiselle Sissi website, you will find cuff bracelets in real pearls or fake pearls, at more affordable prices. Some cuff bracelets are made with small colored beads, for a more bohemian and ethnic style.

The leather cuff

trendy cuff bracelet

For a rock or exotic style, you won’t find better than the leather cuff bracelet ! Its texture is inimitable and it is suitable for both women and men. To be trendy, we accompany it with a crew neck of the same color (preferably black or brown) or we do not hesitate to choose a model that mixes materials, for example a leather and metal cuff bracelet. The leather cuff is perfect for strong personalities.

The natural stone cuff bracelet

trendy cuff bracelet

You like it feminine and natural style ? We recommend the cuff bracelet with natural stones. Accompanied by a bohemian dress and a matching necklace, this type of cuff bracelet gives you a super trendy look! Many colors are available depending on the stones used, such as turquoise, amber or jade. For a much more chic and bling-bling side, we choose it with precious stones.

The metal cuff bracelet

Metal is the iconic material of cuff bracelets. Impossible not to have one in your jewelry boxes! Depending on your preferences, you have the choice between silver metal or gold metal. The width is more or less large, depending on the brands and the shapes of bracelets. All it takes is a simple metal cuff bracelet to change her classic outfit into a fashionable one! And we never get tired of it! You will find metal cuff bracelets for all budgets and for all tastes.

The ethnic headline

trendy cuff bracelet

Cuff bracelets can also have an ethnic and natural side. They are often made of several materials: pearls, natural stones, leather, fabric, metal, etc. They remind the colors of nature, such as green, blue or ochre, and are very aesthetic. They are essential to have a bohemian look at the top !

Openwork cuff bracelet

trendy cuff bracelet

Very trendy at the moment, the openwork cuff bracelet is on all the wrists of fashionistas and influencers! This type of cuff bracelet is often made of metal. They can be gold, silver, pink or black, depending on the color. Very feminine, it’s an essential fashion of the year 2021 ! We love it! You will find them at most trendy brands, for all budgets.

Rhinestone cuff

trendy cuff bracelet

To adopt a chic and feminine look, we immediately opt for a rhinestone cuff bracelet. To be trendy, we choose it silver, with many rhinestones that shine under the rays of the sun or under the lights! It is an ideal bracelet for going out in the evening, with a beautiful evening dress. It adapts perfectly to your party outfits. If you go out with a black dress accompanied by a rhinestone cuff bracelet, no one will be able to resist you!

Interchangeable models

Interchangeable bracelets are very trendy. There are interchangeable cuff bracelets, where you just have to clip the bracelet with the colored band of your choice. You can thus have several colors in your collection and change color whenever you want ! This type of interchangeable cuff bracelet is often made of metal (gold or silver) or leather.

There is necessarily a cuff bracelet made for you, which adapts perfectly to your style of dress! Very trendy, these bracelets can be found everywhere and at all prices.


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