Helpful Styling Tricks to Gown Higher in 2021 // HOW TO DRESS BETTER


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  1. Remember that just because something doesn't look good on you, doesn't mean you're too skinny or too fat or that your hips aren't wide enough or your shoulders are too wide, it just means that certain article of clothing doesn't flatter your body. Your body is beautiful 😘

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  3. One of my tips refers to the oddball colors in every wardrobe: instead of trying to mix colors, or wear them with black, try wearing cool colors with white and warm colors with off-white, it works. Having a pair of white/off-white trousers (or skirt) helps get more use out of these one-off color tops that we all seem to have.

  4. how do you do the 3 colour rule w patterned blouses or dresses that have more than one colour in them? just make sure everything else is the same colour like black shoes black bag etc?

  5. 1. 'Fluff' your clothes like you would a cushion.
    2. Balance top to bottom.
    3. Use the 3 color rule.
    4. Accessorise properly.
    5. Co-ordinate your colors.
    6. Plan your outfit the night before.
    7. Make sure your closet is organized.


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