Unicorn jumpsuit: the kitsch & fun homewear trend

Bye-bye the little satin nightie and the silk negligee, hello the plush fabric and the hood! The homewear trend of the moment is kitsch, funny, soft, warm and really kawaii: we are of course talking about unicorn jumpsuit ! A real must-have for our winter Sundays, unicorn pajamas is about to become the essential of a whole generation. But where does it come from? Why the unicorn? Why does everyone want one? We tell you all about the unicorn jumpsuit !

Unicorn pajamas: where does it come from?

The unicorn has fascinated mankind for much longer than one might think. The first writings referring to a unicorn (or at least to something close to it) date from Antiquity, just that! In fact, we owe these texts to explorers who, returning from India and Persia, shared the myth of the “monoceros”, first known reference to the unicorn SO. Then, by dint of syncretism, oral tradition, influences and time, the Western unicorn evolved towards an appearance and a symbolism different from those known in the East. Time passes and the myth of the unicorn, as well as its physical appearance, becomes fixed in Western minds and books towards the end of the Middle Ages. At this time, the unicorn has the body of a horse, a small goatee goatee, cloven hooves and, of course, a single horn on the forehead, long, spiral and pointed. If you have trouble imagining that, then take a look at the series of tapestries The Lady with the Unicornit is very evocative.

From that time until the end of the Renaissance, the unicorn becomes the most important mythological animal of the Christian West : we snatch objects made of “authentic” unicorn horn, we talk about it in certain translations of the Bible (just that!), and we convince ourselves that the unicorn horn has the power to cure almost all diseases and to purify poisoned drinks. And imagine that the story does not end there, we continue to talk about the existence of the unicorn until the middle of the 19th century, even if everyone or almost agrees that the “unicorn horns” are in fact teeth of a narwhal, a marine mammal which, for once, really deserves the name of unicorn.

In short, we discuss, we discuss, we weigh the pros and cons, and we finally agree to say that the Unicorn is an imaginary animal, and that the narwhal tooth does not cure cancer. Once the myth is debunked, the unicorn becomes a star of fairy and fantastic literature and Carl Gustav Jung even devotes about forty pages to it in his book Psychology and Alchemy.

All this to say that the unicorn was not always the magical little pony we know todayand that, until proven otherwise, no one walked around wearing a unicorn jumpsuit A long time ago. unicorn jumpsuit is, on the scale of the History of the Unicorn, a much more recent invention. It is a phenomenon that developed in the 90s in Japan, where it is called ” kigurumi », and which then made its way to us. Of course, unicorn fashion (in jewelry, key rings, patterns, cakes, etc.) is not for nothing.

Why do we love the unicorn kigurumi?

Apart from the fact that the unicorn kigurumi is clearly the most kawaii pajamas from the history of pajamas, unicorn jumpsuit is full of benefits. You should already know that we have rarely done anything more comfortable than that: it’s soft, it’s warm and it’s big. It’s everything you dream of for pajamas, you’ll agree. So, of course, it’s not as sexy as a satin nightie, but it’s very funny, and humor is always sexy. Then, it’s the big homewear trend of the moment and, you know us, we can’t resist trends. Finally, we love the unicorn kigurumi because it’s always a good gift idea for little and big girls.

How to choose your unicorn jumpsuit?

Normally, at this point in the article, you should want a unicorn jumpsuit to curl up in front of a series this winter. Perfect, here’s what you need to know to choose yours.


Traditionally, the unicorn is white. As a result, we tend to favor white for unicorn jumpsuitsbut all the shades of the rainbow (the house of unicorns let’s remember) also work very well.

unicorn jumpsuit

The details

Small wings, glittery manes, very soft tail, shiny horn… Most of the unicorn jumpsuits that you will find on the market are adorned with small details reminiscent of the magical universe of the unicorn, it’s up to you to see what you like! On the other hand, depending on the location of these details, and in particular of the tail, the sitting position may be less comfortable.

The material

Objective cocooning and absolute softness for your unicorn jumpsuit, so bet on a “pilou-pilou” texture, ultra-soft and very warm. On the other hand, we do not recommend fleece, which tends to make you sweat.


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