Top 10 of the best perfumes for women to offer at Christmas

Top 10 of the best perfumes for women to offer at Christmas

Perfume is a very personal gift. However, for several years, certain fragrances have stood out for their delicate and timeless smells. So we are going to give you the 10 best perfumes to give to a woman at Christmas.

1. The Little Black Dress, Guerlain

This feminine perfume East timeless for all generations. It can be offered to all women regardless of age or style. Its fragrances of cherry, rose, patchouli and black tea go together perfectly and are both subtle and deep. Moreover, its bottle is very minimalist and collector’s item with its little black dress drawn on it. This women’s perfume to shop here, for example, is available in six different creations or in a box with miniature and body milk.

the little black dress
via @Parfumdo

2. Flower by Kenzo

The other timeless perfume is Flower proposed by Kenzo. It is recognizable thanks to its shape, like a long plant stem. Moreover, a red flower is drawn all along the bottle. The fragrance is made up of Bulgarian rose, violet, vanilla, as well as white musks. This perfume for women remains light and very floral. It is perfect for people looking for a delicate fragrance with notes of musks to enhance the whole.

Flower by Kenzo
Via @Parfumdo

3. Eau des Merveilles, Hermès

The Hermès brand has created a unique fragrance available in the form of eau de toilette, cream or even deodorant. Eau des Merveilles has become a fragrance full of magic and sparkling. Thanks to its amber and woody accord, it recalls a certain fantasy and creates a kind of enchantment. This fragrance is warm and it stands out with its original bottle.

Eau des Merveilles hermes
Via @Hermes

4. Black Opium, Yves Saint Laurent

The bottle of this timeless perfume sends back a rock and glamor image. Its black and sparkling color with its pink circle gives a vibrant and mysterious side. Its fragrance is characterized by a floral coffee that goes perfectly with the notes of cedar, patchouli and vanilla. This perfume is ideal for women looking for a assertive and sweet scent at the same time.

black opium yslbeauty
Via @YLSBeauty

5. I love Dior

J’adore is the mythical perfume that characterizes the house of Dior. Its bottle is reminiscent of a drop of water (or even a Masai woman with her necklaces) and its golden cap refers to a voluptuous side. This fragrance is a blend of ylang-ylang from the Comoros, with olfactory notes of rose and jasmine. He is his, all alone, a bouquet of olfactory flowers. Its original fragrance is a classic that is easy to wear.

I love Dior
Via @Dior

6. Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

Chanel knew in its Coco Mademoiselle perfume, to find a perfect harmony between vanilla and tonka bean. Its juice releases woody, amber and full-bodied notes that create a sensual and deep fragrance. The added notes of rose and jasmine contrast, but ultimately create the perfect blend of powerful scents for a scent full of freshness which ultimately appeals to all styles of women. Its bottle is, for its part, very minimalist with its square shape and rounded edges.

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel
Via @Chanel

7. This is Her! Zadig & Voltaire

This is Her! is a surprising fragrance with floral olfactory notes, wooded And greedy. Its white bottle evokes purity and lightness confirmed by powerful touches of jasmine and pink pepper. Nevertheless, the perfume retains a yououche Rock’n’Roll as the Zadig & Voltaire brand is used to creating in its clothing collections.

what women's perfume to give at Christmas (2)
Via @Zadig and Voltaire

8. Forbidden, Givenchy

The rounded and iconic shape of the bottle offered by Givenchy reflects the scents offered. THE woody floral fragrance has white notes of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose. Nevertheless, to preserve its elegant side and its singularity, we find in the background black scents of Patchouli and vetiver. This perfume is the perfect demonstration of simplicity and at the same time of elegance and sophistication.

The forbidden, Givenchy
Via @GivenchyBeauty

9. Life Is Beautiful, Lancome

Its white and pure bottle with its bow perfectly echoes the iris and gourmet scents of the Lancôme perfume. La Vie Est Belle is therefore a blend of floral fragrance with notes of pear and blackberry, but also jasmine and patchouli. Its smell therefore refers to a delicate and feminine universe while adding some sweet touches.

life is beautiful lancome
Via @Lancôme

10. Lady Million, Paco Rabane

The iconic shape of the golden bottle directly recalls the scents of the perfume. The scents are a mix of neroli and bitter orange with notes of raspberry, orange blossom and even more surprisingly, honey. Proof that this perfume obeys no one, it retains a fresh and sexy smell at the same time. Lady Million is the timeless perfume to offer.

Lady Million, Paco Rabane
Via @Paco Rabanne

To conclude, there are a large number of women’s perfumes to offer. However, to choose the one that will perfectly match the person spoiled by this luxurious gift, you have to smell it or at least interpret its smells according to your tastes. Generally, the bottle refers you directly to the type of fragrances that the perfume contains.


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