Prime 10 Most Trendy Celebrities/ Prime 10 Greatest Dressed Male Celebrities


On this video, Jeff from The Type O.G. discusses his prime 10 picks for finest dressed male celebrities. He talks in regards to the the male …



  1. I liked this video because you added Zayn Malik. I have been looking for a reference to him for ages now. 2 questions: first, what made you think of Zayn, and second, why did you not think of Harry Styles?

  2. Ryan Reynold and Gosling fit my style more. I also think that it’s easier to get inspired by someone with a similar skin tone. There are some colors white men cant wear as well as black can and vice versa.

  3. You should do a list of retro style icons to emulate. I get most of my inspiration from the '40s-'80s. I take similar pieces from their looks/similar pattern and color combos and just make sure that the tailoring is modern. James Garner is my all-time favorite.


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