Prime 10 Style Developments Began By Celebrities


These trend traits began with celebrities. Our countdown contains contouring, the miniskirt, ‘The Rachel” hairdo, and extra!



  1. I can't believe this list! Madonna's rosaries, rubber blacelets, crucifixes, in the mid 80's is so huge worldwide…and this super trend was ignored? Even the Macy's have a section dedicated to Madonna style

  2. @MsMojo make a top 10 celebs/idols list for the 2010s the stars featuring on this list could be Nina Dobrev, Zendaya, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, Nicki Minaj, BTR/ or one direction, Ross Lynch, Dove Cameron, and Jennifer Lawrence/ or Emma stone/ Emma Roberts/ or Watson

  3. I don’t idolize celebrities and didn’t follow any of their fashions. I was forced by the school dress code to wear those horrible above the knee dresses which I hated. Now I wear shorts, pants and capris. No above the knee dresses for me!

  4. Low rider jeans… I don't know if Xtina popularized them… Crucifixes as jewelry by Madonna, a key as an earring, vests with no undershirt, ponytail through a baseball cap by Janet Jackson Wait! Come to think of it, Janet Jackson was left out of this list.

  5. OMG too funny. When you said “contouring is often used in the drag community”, in reference to a Kim K makeup clip, I had commented on the video of Kim debuting the blonde eyebrows & hair:
    “with the blonde hair & eyebrows, & all the photo editing, she looks like she’s a contestant on RuPaul‘s Drag Race.”

  6. Jennifer Beals, goddess that she is, did NOT start the cut up sweatshirt/leg warmers look. Anyone who had been to a dance class 💃 and/or theatre 🎭 would know this look. I would say “Chorus Line” should get more credit/blame than “Flashdance.”

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