The WORST Dressed Celebrities | Model MISTAKES You Ought to Keep away from!


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  1. These guys dress amazing compared to the people I though I would have seen on this list e.g gunna,lil uzi basically that disgusting American drip

  2. They were whatever they want but they wear bad clothes because they either don’t know how to wear Cool clothes even tho they have a lot of money or because they are ……

  3. Promoting your product to make look others like they are worst than you are super UNSTYLISH. Fix it. THIS DUDE IS THE AMAZING PERFECT Guy. No wonder why he has so many dislikes. You are so fake!

  4. You gotta remember that Not every guy would dress like you expect, Jose.
    It All Depends On the Culture, Neymar’s Style would be pretty Stylish And Attractive As Hell in his culture, i know for sure that as a Mexican, A Shirt, Jeans,Boots, Bling, Designer Belts and a Sombrero Is Attractive as fuck.


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