The western chic trend: outfit ideas

The western chic trend: outfit ideas

Far from the sulphurous cowgirl of the 90s, western-chic style has already won over many fashionistas, who proudly wear their pair of cowboy boots. Perfect for a casual-chic look, the western trend is still to be handled with care. Discover all the tips from your good friends to achieve your western chic look every timeand without making any fashion faux pas of course!

The secret to a successful western look

Inspired by the uniform of American cowboys, the western chic trend is more feminine and above all more elegant.

It is not a question of walking around in muddy cowboy boots and reeking of the pony, but rather ofbring a country touch to her daily outfits. To do this, we rely on a mix of American West classics and understated, elegant pieces. Everything is, as so often in terms of looks, a question of proportion and balance.


how to wear western style

The pieces to adopt for a successful western chic look

Overall, the cowboy likes leather, suede, jeans, and practical cuts. Because yes, let’s not forget that the western look is above all a work look, and moreover rather physical. Today, and in terms of fashion, this translates into a few essentials that we mix and match, here they are:

Raw jeans

Straight cut and raw canvas, these are the real cowboy jeans. We adopt it as is, becausewell-cut raw jeans are always welcome in a wardrobe first, and because it can always serve as good base for your chic western looks.

The western blouse

The western blouse can be recognized by its pointed yoke on the shoulders and on the back. Far from being just aesthetic, this yoke was used to provide more comfort to cowboys, who often carried equipment on their backs. For a modern western lookwe choose it in soft jeans or in checks, as desired.

The cowboy boots

Obviously, cowboy boots are an absolute must for the western look. We advise you to choose it in boot format, more modern than the high cowboy boot.


We told you about it, the fringe trend is in full swing, so take the opportunity to slip on your chic western looks. We like a lot the fringes on a suede jacket (a great country classic), or on a messenger bag, for more discretion.

Mix & Match western chic: instructions for use

It’s very simple: you take a key piece of the western trend, and you associate it with a sober and elegant outfit.

For example, a very simple straight black dress, worn bare legs with cowboy boots, or a black jumpsuit, associated with a jacket with fringes. Very simple, we told you!


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