The trend of printed pants! Yes but which ones?

Long gone are the days when pants were just for men. Now, many models of pants are available to them: straight, slim, skinny, bootcut, flare, cargo, oversize, etc. When buying, there are still many aspects to consider in order to choose the most flattering model. Which pants to choose according to your morphology? Which cut of pants suits you best? What about the material of the garment? What are the most flattering pants patterns? What other pieces of clothing should you pair pants with? What are the trending pants of the moment?

What are the most fashionable trouser designs?

There are prints to choose sparingly, including animal prints and floral prints. It is therefore important to identify the reasons that suit you best. Fortunately, there are currently many models of women’s pants which correspond to all morphologies. Whatever your taste, waistline and leg length, you can be sure to find the pants you’re looking for.

For morphologies in A

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Women with an A (or pyramid) body shape should draw the eye to the top of their body rather than the bottom. If you fall into this category, we advise you not to wear printed pants, or at least, with imposing patterns. With this in mind, printed pants pinstripe balance your look, so does the Gingham.

If you have a V body type

summer yellow flower pattern wide trousers

If you have a V-shaped (or inverted pyramid) body shape, you can wear all the printed bottoms you want. Since they give the illusion of volume, they will balance out your look and make the outfit more tailored to your body. Among the pants adapted to this silhouette, we find plaid prints : small, medium or large. Tropical patterns or even tie and dye! Elegance will always be there.

Body types in 8

zebra pants

Like skinny people, people with a figure 8 (or hourglass) body shape are suitable for all patterns. With their already well-proportioned silhouette, they no longer need to emphasize one part of their body. They can wear pants as well as printed tops, in maxi or discreet versions. Floral, checkered, striped and animal motifs will fit perfectly.

For O morphologies

women's curvy floral print pants

Minimalist prints are more appropriate for women with a 0 (or oval) body shape. Choose discreet and sober patterns to enhance your appearance. THE fluid pants with vertical stripes print refine and slim the silhouette. But you can afford fancyprovided that the print is small, low contrast and that the cut of the pants is chosen with care. The Palazzo cut is ideal.


leopard pants

Abuse printed pants, whether light or bright colors, if you have an H-shaped morphology. Indeed, these will bring shapes to your buttocks and hips. The objective is to give the illusion of a marked size. In this context, the wax print will bring lightness and cheerfulness through its colorful patterns, especially in summer.

Note that chunky prints tend to add volume and widen your look. They are more recommended for filiform people. If you have a slim body, rejoice, because on the whole, all the patterns suit you: polka dots, flowers, stripes, checks… People with more curvaceous silhouettes, on the other hand, need to choose the prints of their pants carefully to properly highlight their body. For this purpose, straight gingham trousers remains as classic as it is chic.

Aside from the patterns, you also need to consider the cuts, materials, colors and possible combinations for a flattering effect. Indeed, it is useless to choose pants with prints that seem (theoretically) adapted to your figure, while the cut produces the opposite effect. You must first find the cut that perfectly matches your shapes, before looking at the patterns and colors.

Which cut of pants suits you best?

As mentioned above, your ideal pants mainly depend on your morphology. THE straight pants and low waists, for example, are more suitable for people with an H-shaped figure. If you have an unmarked waist, avoid wearing high-waisted pants. These are more suitable for women with more developed hips than shoulders. In addition, women with an A-shaped silhouette can favor flared and wide models.

If you are rather round, you must bet on straight pants with a high waist. Wide models such as bootcuts or flare pants are much less flattering on you.

When it comes to V-shapes, there is only one mistake not to make: avoid high-waisted pants. They elongate your thighs and accentuate the volume of your shoulders and chest.

Finally, if your waist is very marked, it necessarily means that you have an X or 8 morphology. Straight pants are the ones that suit you best.

While fit matters when choosing pants with flattering prints, note that the nature of the fabric also plays an important role.

What about the material of the pants?

pnatlaon palazzo floral print fluid silk

It is essential to choose the right material for your clothes, because it directly affects your comfort. In general, only one principle applies: the more fluid the pants, the more comfortable they will be. If you want to be comfortable in your outfit, avoid materials that are too rigid or too stretchy. This may be the case with some jeans, or pants that are too small on you. Only leggings have the advantage of being both tight and comfortable. However, they are not suitable for all occasions. It is wise to reserve them for sport.

The most comfortable and flowing clothing materials remain mainly linen, nylon, jersey and satin. However, care must be taken with this last fabric, as it marks the shapes and reveals all the imperfections. If you plan to buy satin pants, make sure they are loose enough. Thus, the features of your hips, thighs or legs will not be emphasized. On the other hand, if you prioritize the solidity of your clothes, bet on traditional denim which is renowned for its great resistance.

Also avoid materials that are too thick., if you don’t want to increase your volume. Velvet, wool or leather pants are more suitable for thin people who are quite tall.

trendy patterns women's pants

How to style pants with patterns?

There are different ways to wear pants. It all depends on your personal style and the look you want to flaunt. However, a few basic rules must be respected when it comes to pairing pants. Cropped flare pants, for example, go wonderfully well with a basic top such as a T-shirt or shirt. It must be tucked in to properly mark the size. Wear them with heels or wedges if you want to lighten the outfit.

At any rate, always bet on mismatching to make the look more sophisticated. If you put on patterned pants, favor simple tops in solid colors and vice versa. Never marry more than one print on the same outfit and pay attention to the association of colors.

What are the trending pants of the moment?

This season’s trend is particularly marked by wide pants that combine comfort and fluidity. The flare or flared cut has also attracted attention since fall 2021. The pieces that have become timeless remain focused on cargo pants, carrot pants and paper bag pants. Models with a high waist have taken over and low waists are less and less popular today. When it comes to prints, checks, florals and graphic houndstooth still hold the spotlight.

Ultimately, to know if a print flatters you or not, you must first know your morphology. It also plays an important role in choosing the cut that best suits your curves. In any case, combine the pieces well and do not forget to accessorize your outfit. Always remember to balance your figure.


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