The return of the 90’s spirit denim dungarees: we love it!

The return of the 90’s spirit denim dungarees: we love it!

While dungarees have been in vogue for a few seasons now, their 90s version is undeniably the trend that the whole modosphere is snapping up at the moment.

How to choose it, how to wear it, what to associate it with: we take stock of the return of the 90’s spirit denim overalls !

What denim overalls for your morpho?

If the denim overalls has clearly established itself as a must-have in recent seasons, it has also been declined to who better-better to stick to all styles, all trends, and, joy, all morphs.

Because yes, we are not going to lie to each other, the 90’s overalls of our childhood did have this unfortunate defect of not going to many people… Revisited in version 2.0, we quickly realize that it allows itself a little more flexibility in terms of cuts without losing its style or its vintage charm. We take stock.

The straight dungarees

Classic from classic, straight denim overalls is THE model that we wore in the 90s. Normal size and buttoned on the hips, it falls at ankle level. In theory, it can suit all body typesin practice, it is better to try!

Indeed, on this type of cut, the location of the closing button(s) can really change everything; a bias buttoning right on the hips will for example tend to generously widen them…

Slim overalls

denim overalls

More modern than the straight version, the slim-cut denim dungarees can still play in the “90s inspiration” category. Just be sure to bet on light blue or true blue jeans (more intense than light blue but less dark than raw blue), the color of the 90’s, and an ankle length leg. The kangaroo pocket is non-negotiable!

The slim denim overalls are more fitted, it will go very well to all those who wish to highlight their legs. Again, beware of the placement of the buttons!

Boyfriend dungarees

denim overalls

The boyfriend cut denim dungarees are ultra 90s, it’s undeniable, and that’s why we love it this year. Boyish without being baggy, it copies the overalls of the cool boys of the 90sbringing a good dose of coolness and style to our look.

As long as you don’t choose a cut that is too wide, the boyfriend dungarees suit most silhouettes.

For a real nineties style, put on your most beautiful sneakers or adopt the Nike Air Force One for a great retro look!

Culotte overalls

A little less 90’s than the previous dungarees, we grant you, the culotte cut can still enter this category if it is associated with typically 90’s pieces, we’ll talk about it below. In terms of morph, the overalls in jeans culottes are ideal if you are curvyon the other hand, avoid wearing too large if you are rather small.

How to wear overalls in jeans: our advice

Once you’ve chosen your 90’s spirit denim dungarees, all you have to do is bet on the right pieces to be trendy. We take stock!

What top to wear under overalls?

black denim overalls

In the department of tops, you will be spoiled for choice, and it all depends on the style you cultivate. The 90’s denim overalls will also go well with a fleece sweatshirt for a total 90’s look than with a little romantic English lace blouse for a preppy look.

What you have to remember is that you shouldn’t hesitate to mix styles with your 90’s denim overalls, we love it paired with a shirt for the office, a white T-shirt for the weekend, a chunky sweater for the winter… Try it out and just make sure the top you choose doesn’t bulge at the hips!

Which jacket and which coat with overalls?

With 90s-style denim overalls, we would tend to recommend a slightly more structured jacket or coat so as not to fall into a neglected look. The trench coat, the blazer, the straight coat… are all good options with denim overalls.

Note that if you bet on slim overalls, you can afford a more casual jacket or coat such as a bomber jacket, a k-way or even a boyfriend coat.

What shoes with denim overalls?

denim overalls

Again, a question of style and desire. Dad shoes are a must if you’re looking for a 90’s look (also think of the little docker’s hat, by the way!), moccasins will be perfect to “chicize” your 90’s overalls, while a pointy-toe pump will bring just the right amount of sensuality to transform your overalls in evening look. Because yes, you can be ultra hot in jeans overalls! Who would’ve believed that ?

In summary :

  • 90’s-inspired denim overalls are THE vintage trend that we adore this year, and for all seasons;
  • Several cuts of denim overalls are similar to the 90’s overalls, it’s up to you to choose according to your morpho;
  • It is associated according to its style and the desired effect, the choice is vast!
  • We dare to use offbeat combinations (romantic blouse, pumps, etc.) to dress up denim overalls a bit.

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