The pin: the trend of the moment to customize a jacket!

The pin: the trend of the moment to customize a jacket!

Want to give your (too) classic jacket a facelift? Why don’t you get pin trend and other badges? Your good friends give you some tips for customizing your jacket with pretty pins!

Why is pin fashion back in force this year?

We told you about it recently, the fashion of the 90s makes its big comeback. And what more 90’s spirit that pins and other badges ? To find out a little more about the 90s look-book, how to adopt the trend and what pieces to wear, we advise you to take a look at our previous article. If you wonder how to customize your jacket with pinsstay here !

Pins, badges, crests… What are the differences?

As you know, your good friends like to be precise when it comes to fashion. Let’s not change our good habits and take a few lines to clarify this dark history of terminology.

Pins and badges have fasteners, while the crest is sewn or heat-sealed onto clothing.

Pins and Badges attach like a brooch or safety pin, and it is the shape of their fastening system that differentiates them. The shape of the object also makes it possible to differentiate them. We made a small illustration for you to make it clearer.

the return of the pinesBrief, here we are talking about both without making any real distinctionbecause both are very cool.

Why do we prefer pins to customize a jacket?

We prefer pin’s firstly because THE 90’s trend who comes back and whom we love. But we especially like pins and other badges because it’s super easy to use, much more than a sewing machine in particular, and that the change is not final. Which means you can customize your jacket without being afraid of getting bored or of transforming your timeless basic into a future outdated piece. Nothing tells us that 90’s jackets will still be trendy next year. Pins are easily removed, moved and replaced, without any difficulty. So we love it.

How to go about customizing your jacket with pins?

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter: how to transform your simple jacket into a fashion statement with pins ?

Choose the right jacket to customize

We advise you to opt for simplicity by choosing a classic denim jacket, the one that almost everyone has. Same story for the color: raw blue, faded or black preferably. For example, avoid customizing a pink denim jacket, which is self-sufficient. For the shape, you can opt for the basic cut of the jacket in jeans, slightly fitted but not curved, or for the XXL boyfriend cut jacket, very trendy at the moment. If you don’t want to touch your denim jacket, we advise you to customize a khaki or beige safari jacketit is also a very good choice.

The golden rule, in short, is to choose a sober and classic cut and color that will highlight your personal touch.

Choose the right pins

Choosing the “right” pins to use to customize a jacket is above all a matter of taste and personal style.. You don’t have to wear a unicorn and a rainbow while you dream of bringing out your Stones pin and your Bowie lightning bolt. The trend is generally towards modernized vintage : we recover the pins we wore in high school and we add more modern pins, found in mainstream ready-to-wear stores. If you dream of something more chic, we recommend pin’s found in flea markets or in your parents’ belongings, generally more “couture” than those we wore in high school. Another solution finally, take out your Badge it! and create your own badges.

Adopt the right layout

We don’t do anything with our badges to be trendy, be careful. It is not enough to pose your pins in a random and anarchic way to be stylish, far from it ! On the contrary, we favor accumulation in one place, so as to make believe that we did not do something so pretty on purpose. For example, you can choose to customize the collar of your jacket with pins, which is both discreet and trendy. Another idea, accumulate the pins at the level of a chest pocket : on the flap and all around. It is also possible to successfully customize it by placing pins on a whole section of your jacket, or even on the back. On the other hand, avoid covering your entire jacket with pins, that would be too much.

The pin: the trend of the moment to customize a jacket!
Via Pinterest – @Black Confetti


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