The Muses Embroidered T-shirt | Hercules Embroidered T-shirt | Disney World | Disneyland Embroidered Shirt

The Muses Embroidered T-shirt | Hercules Embroidered T-shirt | Disney World | Disneyland Embroidered Shirt

Embroidered Shirts and Sweatshirts Shirt color in photo is Light Green – Only available in the premium sweatshirt, T-Shirt, and long sleeve options. 🌻Jambo! 👋🏻 Welcome to my Disney styled shop! 😃 So glad to have you here. Before you start with your purchase here are just a few things you need to know. ➡️ 👚These are Gildan crewneck sweatshirts and hoodies. Comfort colors t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and premium sweatshirts. 🌈You may pick your color sweatshirt but please keep in mind sometimes colors suddenly sell out. It would be helpful if you select your first choice color and also a backup choice in case this does happen. Colors being out of stock doesn’t happen often but it does happen. Giving me your second color choice will be extremely helpful in getting you your items in a timely manner. If there is another brand you prefer please let me know and I will see if I can get that one for you. 🌈 I will not notify you if I use your second color choice – but you may check in with me and I would be glad to update you. So be sure you are ok with both color choices you are putting down. ⭐️COLOR CHARTS: Take note there are several color charts to choose from. Please make sure you are choosing from the correct color chart! Choosing from the wrong chart could delay your shipping date. All chart say at the top in bold letters what each chart is for. Ex.- If selecting a hoodie; keep swiping until you see the chart that says hoodie. ⭐️ 💌The design is embroidered onto the sweatshirt. This does take a little bit of time and depending on how many standing orders I have at that time will determine your shipping time. 💌 Orders will ship no later than 3 weeks after purchase. Please plan accordingly. 📧When purchasing please keep an eye on your emails and Etsy messages. If I have a question about your order and do not receive an answer it can delay your order. I give 3 days for a response and if I don’t receive anything I will proceed with what I think looks the best and will ship the order. There will be no returns. 📧 ❌I do not accept cancellations. It is your responsibility to read the item description and shipping times and plan accordingly. If you purchase and realize after that the item won’t get to you in time because you have then checked the shipping times you may not cancel your order. Once you order I get started on it and have already put time and money into it. ❌ 💌SHIPPING 💌 !During the holidays and other times during the year when the post office may be congested! Once I hand your items over to the post office and it is scanned in and on its way to you I am no longer responsible for the item. On the rare chance that something does happen with your item in transit make inquiries with the post office. If you purchase first class shipping and the item gets damaged in transit – item will not be refunded. I would work with you on getting another item shipped out. This rarely happens – but on the chance that it does please send me pictures of damaged item and damaged packaging and we will get you a replacement sent. If you purchase priority shipping or above item can be refunded. 🌸If you receive your item and there is a problem please contact me before leaving a bad review. I try to make sure all items ship out in excellent condition. So if I have missed something or made a mistake kindly contact me and I will do my best to make it right.🌸

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