The most trendy and timeless summer shoes

Isn’t there a certain magic, dear fashionistas, when the rays of the sun begin to paint the world a golden hue, when the air seems to fill with the murmur of the leaves and the booming laughter that echoes from the terraces of the cafés? Summer, with its procession of promises and wonders, is undoubtedly our favorite season. It’s the time of year when we swap our furry boots and sneakers for lighter, more airy models that evoke a feeling of freedom and joy. But what is the perfect pair of summer shoeswhich both embodies the spirit of the times and remains timeless?

A revisited classic: the fashion thong

Let’s get into the thick of it. The flip-flop, once synonymous with the beach and simplicity, has undergone a true metamorphosis. Major fashion houses, such as Saint Laurent or Chanel, have elevated it to the rank of fashion icon, adding a touch of sophistication to this summer must-have. Who would have thought that this symbol of relaxation would one day match evening wear? There are fantastic thongs for women today: luxurious leather, delicate embellishments, hand-painted patterns are all elements that give the thong a real fashion identity. Isn’t it fascinating how something so ordinary can become so trendy?

To incorporate it into your summer wardrobe, pair the fashion flip-flop with loose-fitting linen pants for a chic and casual look. You can also pair it with a flowing midi dress for an elegant silhouette. The trick is to play on the contrast between the casual aspect of the thong and the sophistication of your outfit.

Espadrilles: The meeting between comfort and chic

Colorful and trendy espadrilles

But summer is also an opportunity to reconnect with the classics, isn’t it? sneakers, with their rope sole and canvas upper, are an example of those pieces that never go out of style. They are the perfect blend of comfort and chic, making them the ideal choice for long summer days. Whether you are on vacation by the sea or exploring the city, espadrilles are a trusted companion that will accompany you everywhere.

And to make them even more modern, why not choose a pair with a bold print or a flashy color? You can also wear them with cropped jeans to show off their unique design. And let’s not forget the importance of accessories: a structured handbag or matching belt can really make your sneakers stand out.

Minimalist sandals: Praise of simplicity

Minimalist sandals

In the whirlwind of summer trends, it can be tempting to favor extravagant pieces. But let’s not forget the power of simplicity. Minimalist sandals, with their clean lines and delicate design, are a wise choice for those looking to combine elegance and comfort. They go just as well with a light dress as with a short suit set, making your summer look both trendy and timeless. Wouldn’t you find yourself wanting to wear these wonders well beyond the summer?

Heeled mules: The balance between glamor and practicality

Heeled mules

To end our walk in the country of summer shoes, it is impossible not to mention the mules with heels. Considered a summer wardrobe must-have, these shoes bring a touch of glamor without sacrificing comfort. Their open design allows your feet to breathe while providing the support needed to face a busy day.

Mules come in a variety of styles, from low and boxy versions that are very 90s, to stilettos for a bolder look. For a casual daytime look, pair them with mom jeans and a silk shirt. And for a summer evening? Nothing beats a sequin dress and high-heeled mules for the perfect balance of chic and cool.

The trick to wearing mules with heels in style is to play with the proportions. A sculptural heel brings a touch of interest to a simple outfit, while a platform mule can add height without compromising comfort. Plus, don’t forget that the beauty of the mule is in its versatility: it’s as at home on the beach as it is at a fancy cocktail party.

Summer is a hymn to freedom, a time when you can fully express yourself through fashion. And summer shoes are more than just accessories: they are a reflection of our personality, a finishing touch that brings our outfits to life.


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