The little story of the Liberty pattern

Fashion is not just about clothing cuts and colors. It is also that of the prints that adorn our outfits to flatter our silhouettes and brighten them up.

Polka dots, stripes, leopard, houndstooth, Prince of Wales pattern, among all these famous prints, it is impossible to ignore the delicious Liberty pattern and its romantic and vintage little flowers.

Timeless, the liberty motif crosses the ages over the years and this, to stylize our looks from early childhood to adulthood. Why do we love it so much? What is the history of the liberty print and how did it come to be a top trend until today?

Liberty pattern: from the birth of the print to the catwalks of the great fashion designers

It all started at the beginning of the 20th century with the draper Arthur Lasenby Liberty. Still an apprentice at the time, this man who loves to travel decides to open his first London fabric shop. Particularly fond of colorful patterns and Japanese culturethe man offers fabrics for household linen or clothing, silk and all kinds of accessories imported from Eastern culture.

It’s in his shop “Liberty of London” that we come to get objects from elsewhere. There are, for example, Japanese fans, beautiful Indian drapery or even sumptuous Chinese porcelain. It will not take more to seduce! From all sides, the English are eager to come and stroll there to leave with unexpected finds and objects of great beauty. Moreover, more than a century after its creation, the flagship store in London is still one of the most visited in the capital!

Liberty dress

It was in 1884 that the liberty motif was born under the impetus of Arthur Lasenby Liberty. On a fine and delicate fabric that looks like silk, we then discover the dozens of colors that smell good of Spring and are juxtaposed with each other to form a homogeneous whole.

Today, the liberty motif has become so popular in society that it is used to describe small flower print of the famous little girl’s Liberty dress that you see in Parisian boutiques. But originally, liberty being a clever mix of colors (between 12 and 18).

In 1900, a branch of Liberty of London opened in Paris. The success was immediate and the great couturiers of the time fell in love with the romantic print. First Paul Poiret, then Yves Saint Laurent and many others could not resist the neo-romantic charm of the liberty motif. But it is the Cacharel brand that will change everything. By creating an iconic blouse with a liberty motif, Cacharel imposes print on society. It is then a surge of small flowers and liberty motifs that are rising in fashion trends from year to year. And it’s not just adults who are seduced by this beautiful print! The liberty motif is a staple of children’s fashion for decades…

Why does liberty print look so good on kids?

jacadi liberty dress

If the liberty print knew its hour of glory in the 60s, it was also and still remains to this day, the favorite print of children’s brands. Soft, delicate and pure, it is perfect for dressing our little ones during the day or for formal events. The liberty motif even invites itself into children’s wedding outfits on beautiful ceremonial dresses. It’s a cute and crunchy little print on which it is difficult not to melt by imagining baby inside.

It is no surprise that it is still a strong trend of the year in the children’s fashion of 2022. It sublimates pretty bloomers or cute blouses with a vintage spirit. We also love it on little girls’ spring dresses and on various fashion accessories (scrunchies, headbands, bracelets, etc.).

Available in all kinds of soft and fresh colours, it embellishes our children’s looks with great subtlety and charm.

A flagship print for adults reaching its peak this year

spring liberty dress

How good it is to wear a liberty motif all year round! Fresh, romantic and vintage as you wish, the discreet little flowers of the Liberty pattern sharpen our femininity. We wear them not only in spring-summer, but also in winter to warm up our looks with a spring touch. It’s a must-have that has largely taken over current trends to sprinkle our fashionista wardrobe with softness and lightness. Associated with other opposing clothing styles, such as the rock style, it punctuates a rebellious and daring look with a touch of candor.

Sometimes bohemian, sometimes retro or BCBG, the liberty motif has taken over all the clothing styles that have been fashionable in recent years. His wise and naive side does not prevent him from progressing. It precisely gives material to have fun when it is positioned on leather, jeans or raw materials that come to characterize it.

And you, what do you say about this beautiful retro print? Take it or leave it ?


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