The fabulous story of Mauboussin

Among the big names in fine jewelry, there is one that particularly resonates. Mauboussin. Who hasn’t dreamed of luxury jewelry ads with precious stones and sensual lines? Formerly an expression of social domination, they are now that of a love of beauty and refinement. From rue Greneta to the prestigious Place Vendôme, zoom in on the success story of Maison Mauboussin, a jewel of French fine jewelery for two centuries.

Mauboussin, a family affair

Once upon a time, a jeweler named Rocher set up his workshop on rue Greneta in Paris. Not far from Porte Saint-Martin, it was then an unpretentious district. And as in any good fairy tale, this is where the story begins. fabulous history of the Mauboussin house.

Nearly 40 years later, it was his collaborator, Jean Baptiste Noury, who took over the reins of the business. He will engage his nephew, Georges Mauboussinas an apprentice before giving up his place in 1883. In 1922, the establishment became Maison Mauboussin. From son to cousin, the heritage will remain in the family until the early 2000s. A real challenge, at a time when a large number of family homes have been taken over by large groups.

Mauboussin high jewelry

It was not until 2002 that the famous fine jewelry house took over the reins of a Swiss financier who entrusted its management to Alain Nemarq, the current CEO.

Maison Mauboussin, a French success story

In two centuries of history, Mauboussin has distinguished himself by his audacity as much as by his perseverance.. Launched in a troubled France, the famous house has faced political and social uncertainties as well as prestigious competition.

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the French bourgeoisie grew rich and at the same time, the discovery of the Kimberley diamond mines lowered the price of this prestigious material. It’s time for success for Mauboussin, but the competition is fierce, both from the side of the big names in the fine jewelry (Falize, Massin, Wièze) only newcomers to the world of luxury jewelry, such as Cartier or Boucheron.

The story of Mauboussin is that of a true French success story. In 1928, it opened branches in Buenos Aires, New York and London, which had to be closed following the 1929 crisis. high jewelry house will face this period.

At the dawn of the 1940s, she forged ties with the New York house Trabert & Hoeffer. Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin Inc. and opened branches throughout the United States. Big Hollywood names such as Marlène Dietrich, Paulette Godard and Audrey Hepburn are ambassadors for luxury jewellery.

history mauboussin marlène dietrich
@Mauboussin & Marlene Dietrich

In the 1980s, in parallel with the creation of the Vendôme committee, the Mauboussin house initiated the creation of the “French High Jewelery”and thus promotes French creations and know-how abroad.

In the 90s, Mauboussin opens up to Asia, while its jewelry is more minimalist in its form while sporting bold colored gemstones.

In 1994, Mauboussin the jeweler became a watchmaker by combining Swiss know-how with French creativity. Its range of watches is varied, from sporty models to elegant evening ornaments, always with the honoring of noble materials.

In 1997, Maison Mauboussin faced a new blow with the loss of the contract with the Sultan of Brunei. But once again, nothing stops the success, and the house bounces back creating collections anchored in the spirit of the times, to expand its clientele, like the iconic “Chance of Love” or even “Divine Star” from 2500 euros in stores or at a lower price for a second-hand Mauboussin ring.

Thanks to its talent and adaptability, Maison Mauboussin has received numerous awards. Georges Mauboussin even received the Legion of Honor in his time, for his success at international exhibitions.

Mauboussin, a jeweler who lives with the times

From the romantic inspiration of the end of the 19th century to the democratization of luxury jewelry initiated by its last leader, Mauboussin has never stopped adapting.

Over time, fashions, constraints and discoveries, it has had the sole purpose of meeting the expectations of women. From the cosmopolitan decadence of the Roaring Twenties to mass-produced jewelry to the return to the land of the 68s, Mauboussin is in perpetual conquest of the world. Always at the forefront of fine jewelry, in the choice of noble materials as in that of its clientele, the brand inspires women all over the world.

Mauboussin love at first sight ring

She has always skilfully used the media to make herself known. Through the biggest fashion magazines, such as Vogue, where the price is displayed on advertisements, in a fierce desire to assume the price of luxury.

Making it accessible without totally democratizing is a major challenge, taken up in combining the ephemeral and the eternal. In 2021, the crown of Miss France is signed by the great jeweler, a sign if necessary of a desire to make fine jewelry more human, and less hieratic.

Mauboussin ring forever my star

La Maison Mauboussin, a love story with women

Alain Nemarq, the manager of Mauboussin, calls the brand the “master of ceremonies of love”. This is indeed what emerges from the fabulous history of this house, which loves women as much as noble materials. And who knew how to combine the two remarkably, with a lot of precious stones!


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