The essential wool square to stylize our looks

The wool scarf is the perfect accessory to warm up an outfit with style. Refined and elegant, it is also very comfortable and matches many looks. The wool square is undoubtedly the piece to have in your wardrobe! Zoom on the wool square to stylize our looks.

The wool square, a piece full of character

The wool square is a nice accessory to personalize and style her outfit.

With her natural material, soft and warmmade of wool combined with cashmere and silk, this fabric is very pleasant to wear.

The fine weaving makes it possible to create remarkable patterns on the squares of wool, to make ultra-chic pieces.

This warm and colorful scarf brings character to the outfit, by its own style which can be likened to a master painting, and by the way of wearing it, specific to each one.

How to wear your wool square?

inoui editions wool square

The art of knotting a square of wool takes many forms, each one more stylish than the other. Through the way they wear a wool scarf, everyone expresses their own style, their personality.

Most often, the large squares of wool are tied around the neck. It is a question of highlighting the face, illuminating it with its color, while protecting the throat from the fresh air.

There are a thousand and one ways to tie a wool square: on the front or on the back, like a tie, in cascadecowboy style, loop, triangle…

With its large square shape, the accessory can also be worn as a shawlcovering the shoulders, back and arms, or a long scarf.

The smaller squares of wool are worn like hair accessories. It enhances hairstyles. The small square of wool thus easily holds a ponytail, or it slips into a braid for example. It is also worn on the head and tied under the chin, like a scarf.

large square of wool hair
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Another use for the small square of wool is to tie it around the handle of a handbag or its shoulder strap. The latter then adopts a distinctive look by this simple customization.

Our look ideas with a wool square

large wool square inoui edition

The wool squares come in different tones, warm or cold, representing pretty scenes. Stylists draw their inspiration from various worlds, historical or contemporary. Wool scarves stylize women’s looks as well as men’s looks. A few look ideas with a square of wool.

A colorful woolen square on a sober outfit

Nude, pastel and black shades are often very present in wardrobes. Combining it with a square of wool brings a welcome touch of color to wake up and brighten up the look.

It’s also a way to draw attention to his face. and his upper body.

A wool square with a chic dress

Wearing a square of wool around your neck or around your shoulders is a very distinguished detail on an already chic outfit. At a big event, this makes it possible to combine refinement and presence.

Little black dress, cocktail dress, evening dress, jumpsuit… the woolen scarf finalizes the outfit with great attention to detail if we are to believe the wonderful creations of the Inoui Editions site.

A square of wool on a casual outfit

Jeans, a nice sweater or top, a jacket, a casual outfit accompanies us on a daily basis. Wearing it with a square of wool breaks the basic side, a little all-purpose of the look.

The woolen square makes it possible to stand out while remaining relaxedcomfortable in his clothes.

A square of wool on a sports outfit

Jogging is a trendy garment, worn for sport but not only. In town, it goes wonderfully with a square of wool tied around the neck and a pretty pair of sneakers on the foot.

Ideally, we choose a plain jogging set, light or dark, to bring out the square of wool.

A square of wool for a hipster look

The hipster look is known for its essential plaid shirt, and for its accessories including a scarf or a chèche.

To accentuate this already assumed style even more, the wool square can be preferred to the plain and classic scarf. It brings a differentiating side to a look widely adopted by stylish men.

A square of wool for a professional look

To go to work, proper attire is required. Blouses, suits, pencil skirts, dresses, chinos and shirts, suits… the dress code varies from company to company.

But all these pieces can be associated with a square of wool to appear stylish and professional in front of customers, suppliers, colleagues.

It dresses the neck with measured elegance, visible without being ostentatious.

Adding a square of wool to her outfit is enough to stylize her look. By this single accessory, the look gains a lot of style.


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