The BB look in 8 iconic pieces

The BB look in 8 iconic pieces

An unbeatable fashion icon in the 1960s, the beautiful Brigitte Bardot, with her incandescent beauty and remarkable sense of style, continues to be a source of inspiration today.
Discover, through 10 iconic pieces, the look of BB and our tips for inspiration!

The gingham pattern


A subtle blend of BCBG elegance and bucolic charm, the gingham pattern is one of the essentials of the Brigitte Bardo stylet.

This plaid print so frenchy has indeed accompanied her on many occasions, the most remarkable being certainly her marriage to the actor Jacques Charrier. During the ceremony, BB is wearing a wedding dress in pink gingham and English lace by Jacques Esterelwhich will not fail to mark the spirits.

Her blue gingham petticoat in the film Would you dance with me ? will also be a resounding success, so much so that this print has finally become one of the stylistic signatures of the great Brigitte Bardot.

Today, the gingham trend is in full swing, so we don’t hesitate to take inspiration from BB’s looks to get started!

The off-the-shoulder top (the Bardot neckline)

brigitte bardot top look

Another style signature of Brigitte Bardot: the bare-shouldered top of course! It is to the actress that we owe this type of neckline, which is also called the Bardot neckline.

Sensual at will, this neckline is more trendy than ever: on a little dress with puffy sleeves, on a close-fitting bodysuit or even on a simple colored top, it’s THE neckline of the moment.

The sailor

brigitte bardot sailor look

We grant you, the marinière is not the exclusive prerogative of Brigitte Bardot, but it must be admitted that she knew how to make it a highly desirable piece! Both relaxed and preppy, the marinière is one of the rare garments to make everyone agree.

Take advantage of the sailor knit jumper trend, the must-have for winter, to treat yourself to a BB-inspired look.

The short shorts

Known for her claimed sensualityBrigitte Bardot has largely contributed to popularizing short and/or tight-fitting clothes, considered highly sulphurous in the 50s and 60s. One of her favorites is the high-waisted micro-shorts, which she has made a staple of her summer looks.

If you want to wear the shorts like BB this summer, choose a really short model and pair it with a Bardo neckline topt, without forgetting a wide belt to mark the waist and lengthen your legs a little more.

The straw hat

The BB look

Ideal for protecting your face from the harmful effects of UV while giving a crazy look to a look, the straw hat is an accessory that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves of, and BB understood this well.

Boater, capeline, panama, bell… Brigitte Bardot has worn the straw hat on multiple occasions, but always with elegance. You too can take advantage of the straw hat’s fashion potential as soon as the sun comes out: it’s the guarantee of a look that stands out!


brigitte bardot ballerinas look

Favorite shoes of the star throughout the 60s, Ballerinas with round toes, feminine and comfortable, are definitely part of the iconic pieces of the Brigitte Bardot style.

Luckily for ballerina lovers, they are back in fashion this year, and have even become a mid-season must-have! Do not hesitate to wear them as BB would have done, with cigarette pants and a small Bardot neck top, to be elegant and feminine without looking like anything.


In the accessories department, and more specifically handbags, Brigitte Bardot swore only by the eternal wicker basket. A favorite of the 60s and 70s, the wicker basket, carried by hand or on the shoulder, never really went out of fashion. Its summery charm has made it a timeless item, which can now be worn in town, on the beach or in the countryside.

Paired with a bohemian, hippie-chic dress or even jeans and a sailor top, iIt will be the perfect finishing touch for a retro and trendy look with a strong BB DNA.


As useful for clearing the face as for adding an extra touch of style to an outfit, the headband is also one of Brigitte Bardot’s iconic accessories, which will have followed her almost all her life.

To get started, we dare the extra-wide headbandwhich is worn on lengths left free and natural, to obtain an effect “effortless“Ultra-chic. And, if BB preferred the plain headband, nothing prevents you from falling for a colored or printed model, even gingham if you feel like it!

Note in passing that if you don’t have a blindfold, you can totally wear a tied scarfjust be sure to do a nice folding to get a neat result.

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