The 7 BEST Style TRICKS All Males Ought to Know


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  1. Lol at the 6:08 mark…. Now here we are in 2022 and hes telling people to wear baggier clothing. People please don't follow trends, do what's best for you

  2. Match the color.of the shoes with the pants ? Most of the others exemples ✅ in the video are wearing contrasted shoes color and they look good …. 😝

  3. Ok started my jurny 300 push ups a day 100 pull ups my colon game is on point now xjerjoff scents vincero watches t chanley tanning now the fashion game nerds to start the thing is when in not sleeping cause I work 3rd shift with the wife or it the gym but I ordered from Macy's online im not really sure what other web sites I can trust

  4. Just wondering..
    Why is everybody so obsessed with "keeping up with the style" that everyone else wears and looking like everyone else?
    Why can't someone be their own person, and have their own individual style? I got caught a boring and old when everyone you see looks the same, and dresses the same..
    But that's what's fed into everyone's head that they have to look like everyone else and they have to dress the way everyone else is dressing and keep up with the style because if they dress differently ,then they're not going to be in style or people are going to make fun of them.


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