Teddy jacket: how to wear it well?

Little darling of many fashionistas for mid-season, the teddy jacket is a must on which to crack without feeling guilty. Presentation of this casual and trendy jacket, tips for choosing yours and look ideas for wear the teddy well this season.

How to recognize the teddy jacket?

THE teddy jacket is quite similar to the bombers, which we have already told you about, but closes with press studs, while the bombers close with a zipper.

We also tolerate the combination of press studs + zipper. Apart from that, the teddy jacket offers more or less the same silhouette as its bomber cousin : tightened at the hips and at the end of the sleeves, its shape is rather round and with a round collar.

Traditionally, the teddy is two-tone with one color for the torso and one for the sleeves, and both are plain. This is due to the fact that these two parts were originally of different materials.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

Today, you can find a bit of everything: printed, plain, two-tone, textured teddies…

Where does the teddy jacket come from?

The teddy comes straight from the States, where it was born in the 1940s and popularized in the 1950s. At the beginning, the teddy was reserved for football players from Ivy League universities, then democratized and became a kind of uniform for all these students, football players or not. THE teddy jackets were made of boiled wool on the chest and leather on the sleeves, and often in the colors of the university. Then we embroidered the initials of the faculty, the ” varsity letter to be precise (H for Harvard for example), on the right side of the chest.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

What materials for his teddy?

You would have understood it, no need to look for a boiled wool and leather teddy to be trendy today.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

The fashion is rather for precious and fluid materials such as shiny silk or velvet, which perfectly counterbalance its sportswear look. You can also opt for a jersey varsity jacket, more sporty, but which works very well to shift a glam outfit or as a casual everyday accessory. At any rate, Care must be taken to choose a quality material., with good hold. It is indeed important that your varsity jacket “holds together”, to give you that trendy look that we love so much.

Teddy jacket: how to wear it well?

Another option, the cozy teddy ”, which has recently made its appearance. In looped “pilou-pilou” material, it is the best option to be warm this winter while being at the forefront of trends. Note, however, about the cozy teddyit’s not exactly a “real” teddy anymore since it often loses its round collar and snaps in history, but let’s not quibble.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

Printed or plain?

There is no real rule on this subject: the most daring will wear the printed teddy, while a plain or two-tone version will delight all those looking for a mid-season jacket that is easy to wear.

However, we advise you to choose plain if you opt for a shiny material or satin, just to not “do too much”. On the printed side, flowers are always popular, as is tartan. Embroidery on the back is also welcome, provided that the jacket is otherwise plain.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

If you prefer a cozy teddyopt for plain and for a neutral color such as beige, cream, sand, or black.

With what to wear the teddy jacket?

We said it, the teddy jacket belongs more to the casual register or even downright sportswear. It should therefore be worn with a rather chic and elegant outfit, so as not to fall into an overly sporty look, especially if you are wearing a cozy teddy. Some ideas of looks to wear the teddy jacket well.

Look of the day: casual with a teddy

The teddy jacket is perfect for bringing a youthful and sporty touch to a modest daytime outfit.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

We like it very much, in particular, worn over tailored trousers with a white silk blouse and a pair of pumps or loafers. With these parts you get a very nice chic-casual look which will work great in the office. For a completely casual look, wear your teddy with cigarette pants and a lingerie-inspired top. Add a pair of sneakers and you’re done. Don’t forget, in both cases, to accessorize with a nice handbag.

Evening look: sport-glam in a teddy

On a little black dress, a skater mini-skirt, a pencil skirt or even a sequined mini-dress, the teddy jacket works wonders.

how to wear a teddy jacket for women

It allows to stagger a sexy outfit by giving it a sporty masculine touch, while remaining glam. We advise you, for a truly glamorous look, shiny velvet varsity jacket, it will be perfect. Always prefer to wear your teddy on a high waist, it’s more harmonious in terms of silhouette.

Outfit idea with a cozy teddy

The cozy teddy is, as its name suggests, really cozy. It is more difficult to wear for the office or in the evening for example, but acts as a must-have for a nice comfy look.

Teddy jacket: how to wear it well?

To avoid any risk of fashion faux pas, we advise you to wear it with a very simple outfit : slim black and dark sweater for example. For a sharper look, wear your varsity jacket over destroyed boyfriend jeans and a simple white round neck T-shirt, you will have an absolutely irresistible effortless look. And, if you want to try it in the evening, bet on a sexy outfit underneath like a black satin slip dress and almost opaque tights.

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