Tailored jacket: how to wear a women’s blazer with style?

Tailored jacket: how to wear a women’s blazer with style?

You will no doubt have noticed that not a day goes by without seeing pretty trendy looks with blazer jackets. This must-have for women’s wardrobes has revived the image of the suit jacket, once considered a rather formal jacket. Today, it has become a trendy fashion piece that has style and elegance. Need’look inspirations to wear the suit jacket wellr? Here are our tips.

The women’s suit set: the piece wow !

If there’s one look we’re really loving right now, it’s the costume set or coordinated suit set! Far from the traditional black work set, we now like to turn to pronounced colors. Brick pink for a barbiecore look, lemon yellow, cedar green, royal blue, there is something for everyone. Depending on our morphology, we just have to opt for a more or less fitted suit jacket and a flattering trouser cut for our figure.

khaki suit set
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What top with a women’s blazer? For a modern and classy look, we advise you to wear a discreet light-colored silk camisole. Complement it with a trendy necklace, such as a chain with large links. On your feet, wear your sandals of the moment, your favorite sneakers or a pair of pumps or boots depending on the spirit you want to give to your outfit.

Belting your blazer for an extra touch of elegance

belt on blazer jacket

Another idea of ​​outfit that marks your taste for fashion, belting your blazer! Not only does this allow emphasize the waist, but it gives a more unique touch to your look, a more picky fashion style. On the other hand, to succeed in this style exercise, it is better not to venture to find which belt to wear. It is more elegant to choose a belted suit jacket with a tone-on-tone belt.

Here again, a set of distinguished women’s suits will have a small effect!

Create a vintage and contemporary look with an oversized blazer

women's oversized blazer jacket

It’s a fashionista favorite this year. It offers a playground for changing looks and universes. For example, you can wear it with a white T-shirt, high-waisted jeans and pretty moccasins on your feet. We also love it with a beautiful romantic blouse with lace or ruffles and a large leather belt with a buckle to mark the waist.

Have fun mixing clothing styles

To give a more casual style to a suit jacket and create a nice modern look, you can choose to wear a printed t-shirt. Sailor top with midnight blue blazer jacket, T-shirt with colorful vintage designs to ride the wave of retro looks, there are really endless possibilities!

Wearing a suit jacket with a turtleneck in winter

women's white turtleneck blazer

When it’s cold and you no longer know which top to opt for under your suit jacket, pull out a thin turtleneck sweater. This duo works for sure and has the advantage of keeping you warm! As the neck is well hidden, we recommend that you wear a chunky gold necklace on your turtleneck. It’s a great way to stylize the look and feminize it!

Wear shorts with your blazer

Shorts and a suit jacket, is that possible? Yes, if it is harmonized in terms of materials and colors. In other words, we prefer to crack for sets shorts suits only for mismatched. In navy blue, green (a very fashionable shade this winter), also explore nude shades such as beige, terracotta or why not white in summer!

A few tips to follow to make your look a success!

plaid blazer jacket

As you see it, there are plenty of possibilities to explore with a women’s suit jacket.

Do not confine yourself to outfits that are too classic and put a little of your personality in the way you wear the women’s blazer. Accessories play an important role when you want to modernize an outfit with a suit (hair scarf, necklace, earrings, etc.).

If the plain tones are very elegant, printed suit jackets are also popular. Stripes, Prince of Wales, flowers, let yourself be seduced by variants of the neutral jacket.

The most important thing is undoubtedly to choose a suit jacket adapted to your morphology. If you are petite and slender, beware of oversized cuts that are too long and flatten the silhouette!


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