Sunglasses: the 12 trends of the season

In addition to being essential to wear to protect your eyes from the sun, the pair of glasses is also a fashion accessory in its own right that enhances the face. Combining fashion and health, sunglasses are worn in style. Which ones to choose? Sunglasses: the 12 trends of the season.

Sunglasses with tortoiseshell frames

The very classic black frames and other plain colored frames are giving way this season to tortoiseshell frames. A trend already noticed in decoration and ready-to-wear, and which extends to all accessories, including sunglasses.

On the temples or on the entire frame, the shades of the tortoiseshell bring reflections in brown or even colored tones. A subtle but sufficient originality to draw attention to its new sunglasses.

The pink sunglasses

pink colored glasses

Sunglasses are going pink this season. A wide choice is available in store, from pink frames to pink spectacle lensesamong women’s glasses and sometimes even men’s glasses!

From pastel pink to candy pink, without forgetting the very chic rose goldall shades are available.

translucent frames

tinted glasses

Thick frames remain assumed, but opt ​​for a translucent look this season. A lightness that feels good under the sun in spring-summer.

Translucent frames illuminate the complexion and contrast with tinted glasses sunglasses. Wearing such a translucent frame suits all faces and all skin tones (see here some very beautiful quality and fashionable models!)

It is also the assurance of wearing glasses that will perfectly accessorize your outfit, in town or at the beach.

The wide glasses

big sunglasses

To effectively protect the eyes from the sun, nothing beats wearing large tinted glasses. Large glasses have the advantage of combining optimal protection and fashion, and they remain very trendy this season.

Oversized, XXL sunglasses hide the eyes and part of the face to a maximum visual effect. The widest of them are literally goggles.

Specially shaped glasses

triangle shaped glasses

Rectangular glasses, butterfly glasses, aviator glasses… opticians offer models in a wide variety of shapes.

If the classics are timeless, the most original of them are trendy. Round glasses, square glasses, half-round half-oval glasses, half-round half-square glasses, octagonal glasses, hexagonal glasses… originality is required to be trendy this season thanks to its sunglasses.

Glasses made from recycled material

Eyewear has succeeded in its ecological shift and models made of recycled material meet their audience. The trend is getting stronger again and again, particularly this year extending to sunglasses. Glasses in wood, cork, recycled plastic, ocean material… various materials are recovered and transformed into sublime frames for sunglasses.

Mirror effect sunglasses

Mirror effect sunglasses

Mirrored lenses are back as a top optical trend this season. They hide the eyes by returning the observed image behind their filter silver or colored mirror. Pink, blue, green, yellow… the mirror effect also dares color.

polarized sunglasses

trendy glasses

Glasses with polarized lenses are ideal for protecting your eyes outdoors in bright sunlight. The reverberation is largely attenuated thanks to the filters of the glasses. UV is blocked and improved visual acuity.

Photochromic lens glasses

Photochromic lens glasses

Ultra practical, photochromic lenses are in great demand this season. They adapt to ambient light and allow keep the same pair of glasses indoors and outdoors. The eyes are thus protected from the undesirable effects of UV in all circumstances.

Aviator glasses

Aviator glasses

The success of aviator glasses is undeniable: they remain top trend this season. However, they are modernizing by adopting a squarer shape and thicker strapping.

cat eye glasses

cat eye glasses

With their deliciously retro style, cat eyes glasses are all the rage. Their Harlequin finish comes in different sizes, right up to oversized glasses. Something to dress all faces with elegance, refinement and modernity.

Glasses chains

Glasses chains

This season, sunglasses are back with a glasses chain. like a jewel, the accessory comes to personalize his pair of sunglasses. Gold chain for glasses, pearl chain, colored cord… there is something for everyone.

Ultra-design, retro, colorful, green… trendy sunglasses have very assertive looks this season. In addition to the stylish frames, the sunglasses also stand out for their sun lenses, which focus on color and maximum protection. Checking the protection index and the category of the lens must remain a reflex for the health of your eyes. This year’s sunglasses trends also rely on accessories, such as the eyeglass chain. It’s about bringing a practical side and above all an additional touch of personality to glasses that are already remarkable in themselves.


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