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My second channel— Welcome to it is tik tok bish …



  1. just because charli is famous doesn’t mean she created something, yes she’s known mostly for it but she didn’t create it.
    i personally don’t really like charli just because how toxic and aggressive her fans get when it comes to her. i don’t hate on her i just don’t follow her

  2. I personally love Pastel purple and pastel yellow together, but also pastel green and pastel pink, or for people who like dark colors a darker shade of yellow with a darker green is gorgeous!

  3. This may be the wrong thing to say but if I looked like these people I would wear nice clothes. Nobody, not even me, wants to see that on myself.

  4. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— i got free gift cards from 💜 💜 "4:35" xxz

  5. I’m so grateful for TikTok and the fashion side of the internet in general. Last year, I was so insecure. Always wore more revealing clothes because I live in a small town, and I’ve never ever seen alternative fashion. There’s just all girly girls and country girls around here. When I started seeing I can dress how I want, and truly be myself, I’ve never felt more free. I think girls that wear more revealing stuff look incredible. But I just didn’t lol. It wasn’t my style, and didn’t fit my body. Now I wear things that are comfortable for me, and more modest, but still sexy. I definitely stand out, and it does feel intimidating at times, but I just need to remember it’s for myself and nobody else. I feel happy, and you can choose not to look at me!
    Thanks for all the amazing men and women who’ve inspired me.


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