Return of the denim dress: how to adopt it without missteps?

Back on the fashion scene after spending a few seasons in oblivion, the denim dress has managed to redeem itself a place in the sun thanks, in particular, to its great versatility.
Like its cousin jeans indeed, the denim dress is as much in place on a chic outfit as on a casual or even sportswear lookmaking it a wardrobe must-have!

But be careful, because the denim dress, as a good basic, can also seem simple! So find out our tips for wearing the denim dress wellwithout missteps.

The cuts to favor for a trendy denim dress

First of all, to avoid falling into a look that is too plan-plan, we put on a trendy denim dress, that is to say on a modern cut.

We particularly recommend the T-shirt style denim dress, straight and oversized, which will be ideal for comfy looks.

The denim shirt dressoversize too, is also very trendy and has the significant advantage of being portable in summer and winter alike.

Finally, we love the skater cut denim dressfeminine at will, which will go perfectly to those who appreciate preppy and BCBG looks.

What to wear with a denim dress?

trendy denim dress

Now that you know which cuts to favor, let’s get to the heart of the matter: what to wear with a denim dress to be stylish ? Rejoice, you will be spoiled for choice, the denim dress is really not upsetting!

What jacket with a denim dress?

May the most chilly among us be reassured : many jackets can go with a denim dressfrom the most dressed to the most relaxed.
For starters, we can only recommend the trench coat, a timeless ultra-chic that will go perfectly well with a denim dress. For a more rock look, opt for a leather perfecto, black or colored according to your preferences.

Blazers are obviously welcome, as are safari-style mid-season jackets, both of which are good options for an office look with a denim dress.

Also note that knit cardigans, ultra-trendy this season, will also go very well with a denim dress. You just have to make sure you structure the silhouette sufficientlyfor example with a belt, to avoid a “potato” look (even if we love potatoes).

What shoes with a denim dress?

To wear the denim dress well, slip your feet into pretty shoes, and we do not hesitate to choose a very fashionable model to counterbalance the basic side of the denim dress.

For example, we love the combination of a denim shirt dress + mid-height ankle boots, or even a denim T-shirt dress + colorful sneakers. Flat sandals with wide leather straps, Medusa-style shoes or even patent babies are all great options.

What accessories to wear with her denim dress?

how to wear the denim dress

Who says successful outfit says of course accessories, and nothing like fashionable accessories to elevate a classic denim dress.

Depending on your style and your desires, combine your denim dress with XXL jewelry in colored plexiglass, tortoiseshell resin, wood or metal…

Also think about micro-bags, very trendy at the moment, banana bags and other maxi shopping bags, which are definitely the it-bags of the season.

Whatever you choose, try to keep in mind that you should avoid combining too many basics with each other to stay trendy.

How to wear a denim dress in winter?

denim dress

As we mentioned above, the denim dress can be worn in winter, it’s even a very good idea. Here are our tips for wearing it without (too much) curdling.

What coat on a denim dress?

On the coat side first, know that anything is possible with a denim dress, or almost. From the maxi short down jacket to the long coat in woolen cloth, including woolen skins, faux fur coats and teddy coats, all will go very well with a denim dress.

The criterion for choosing is simply the harmony of the proportions between the length of your coat and that of your denim dress, but as with any dress in the end.

What tights to wear with a denim dress?

As for tights to pair with a denim dress, we tend to recommend a little fantasy. Take advantage of the simplicity of the denim dress to wear original tights, in polka-dot, lace-style, sequined or even colored dotted Swiss!

What winter shoes to wear with a denim dress?

Finally, in winter, we associate her denim dress with trendy and warm shoes : riding boots, boots (classic or socks), waders, combat boots, lined boots… Again, you will be spoiled for choice!


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