Quilted fabric: how to appropriate the trend with style?

true allegory of preppy styleoption navy blue sweater on white shirt and straight skirt, the quilting has had a makeover and is now displayed as a trendy and modern fabric. It’s comfortable, it keeps you warm, and we love it for the winter.

Discover how to embrace the quilted fabric trend on a daily basis, to face the month of January in style.


Quilted fabric: where did the idea come from?

But who had this crazy idea one day to invent the quilted? This is’Eddie Bauer, who is also the inventor of the first down coat.

Eddie Bauer having almost hypothermia during a boat trip, he had the idea to create a feather coat, and quilted in addition (we can not do more comfortable).

Later, Coco Chanel made it a cult bag, and quilted continued to become the trend we know today.

chanel style quilted bag fashion trends

The quilted: how to wear it to be trendy?

Quilting is a fabric we love. It’s trendy, comfortable, and above all very warm. We do the point on the quilted pieces to adopt urgently.

Quilted fabric coat

Archi-trend, quilted coatslightly oversized, can be worn everyday for a cozy and elegant look. Perfect over an office or weekend outfit.

Quilted jacket

In an outdoor spirit, the quilted jacket is an iconic piece that can be worn in many ways and is very easy to combine.

We particularly like it with black jeggings or well-fitting denim to play on volume contrasts.

chanel style quilted jacket fashion trendschanel style quilted jacket fashion trends

Quilted sweatshirt

Classic, the quilted sweatshirt is always in fashion. Wear it under denim overalls for a vintage 90s outfit that’s totally in tune with the times.

chanel style quilted sweatshirt fashion trends
chanel style quilted sweater fashion trends
chanel style quilted sweater fashion trends

Quilted dress or skirt

Dare quilting on a dress or skirt, it will be the most beautiful effect! Add a touch of rock to your outfit to avoid falling into classicism.

Quilted fabric pants

The quilted fabric is also worn in pants, and will be perfect for a sporty-chic look. Add a fluid and feminine blouse for the touch of elegance.

chanel style quilted pants fashion trends

Quilted accessories

The Chanel-inspired bag

Obviously, Chanel quilted bag or Chanel-inspired is always trendy, but other models wear quilting well. Opt for a backpack or a shopping bags for a more modern touch.

chanel style quilted bag fashion trends

The padded-headband – the padded headband

Yes, yes, this “padded” headband, often in velvet, is ultra-trendy at the moment. XXL or more discreet, it is perfect for a touch of BCBG.

padded headband
padded headband
padded headband

Mistakes to avoid with quilting

The risks of quilting are few, but mistakes do not forgive. It’s necessary avoid the stuffy look making sure to bring modern and quirky to your quilted outfits.

The quilting can also be magnifying : if you have generous curves, prefer to wear it as an accessory.


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