Paper bag trousers: our new fashion favorite

Paper bag trousers: our new fashion favorite

After the (almost) uninterrupted reign of the low waist for nearly a decade, the high waist is taking its revenge and curling up above our hips, to our delight.

Muse of this new trend? THE paper bag trouserswhich we introduce to you today.

What does the paper bag cup look like?

There paper bag cutterit is the opposite of the low waist.

It is recognized by its very high waistalmost to the ribs, and belted and wide and straight leg.

What differentiates it from “simple” high-waisted pants is the little frill that is created above its closure: it looks like a paper bag without handles that has been tightened at the top, hence its name paper bag Besides.

In terms of materials, everything is allowed or almost, as long as the fabric is flexible enough to allow this famous froufrou.

To know about the paper bag cutter : it’s not just for pants! If you fall under the spell, you will have no trouble finding paper bag cut skirts and shorts to fill your closet.

For which silhouettes?

At the risk of disappointing some, the paper bag pants unfortunately does not suit all body types.

It’s a no go for A-shaped silhouettes, which already have rather marked hips, as well as for those with a little belly and/or wide hips.

There wide cut paper bag trousersadded to the frills at the waist, is indeed prohibitive for anyone wishing to refine their thighs and hips.

On the other hand, it is a very good idea for rather slender morphologies, which will be harmoniously enhanced by the wide leg of the paper bag pants and its pretty frills.

We also love it on all silhouettes that have a marked waist, but also, and it’s rather rare when we talk about high waists, on those that don’t!

In fact, the paper bag has a higher waist than a classic high-waisted trouser, waist surmounted by additional pleats that create volume.

Suddenly, visually, the frill makes believe that your size is more marked than it is in reality, trick of Sioux!

paper bag

With what to wear the paper bag pants to be stylish?

Have a paper bag trousers, it’s good, knowing what to wear it with to be on top of the trends, it’s even better. We give you some advice and look ideas.

What to wear with paper bag trousers: dos & don’ts

Overall, the paper bag trousers works with almost all tops and all shoes, which is also why we love it.

Keep in mind, however, when choosing your top, that all the charm lies in its very high waist: it is therefore better to wear it by tucking your top inside, and therefore avoid very thick XXL sweaters which risk creating folds in your belly. The crop top also works great for a seasoned fashionista look.

As for shoes, it all depends on the length of your pants.

Know that the trendiest paper bags of the moment are 7/8e and that they work, in fact, very well with low shoes: pumps, moccasins, sneakers, sandals…

paper bag woman

Look ideas with paper bag pants: our favorite outfits

  • Paper bag trousers + one-shoulder top + pumps: perfect for a chic evening
  • Lace body + paper bag trousers + pumps or sandals: ideal for an evening in town
  • Boyfriend white shirt + paper bag trousers + loafers: your new favorite office outfit
  • Paper bag trousers + lingerie-inspired tank top + blazer + sneakers: as cool for the office as for theafter workwe love.
  • Paper bag pants + blouse with XXL sleeves (in orcanta for example) + metallic sandals: the perfect outfit to be seen


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