Necklace trend for women: which jewel to choose this year?

Necklace trend for women: which jewel to choose this year?

Necklaces are like rings or earrings, we like to have several to be able to adapt them to our outfits. Dressy, romantic, sexy, modern, vintage, trendy, each style has its type of necklace!

What are the necklace trends this year? Nature, sun, precious stone, choker or long necklace, here are 9 ideas for feminine necklaces to shop without delay!

Pendant necklaces with semi-precious stones

You will no doubt have noticed if you like strolling past jewelry stores, semi-precious stones are everywhere this year. Endowed with a meaning specific to each one, they bring color to our looks, and above all, meaning to our jewellery. Indeed, semi-precious stones are particularly sought after and trendy in 2023. Rose quartz necklace, gold-plated amethyst necklace, aventurine, the pastel colors of the stones interfere in our feminine wardrobe. Their deep and soft colors illuminate a silver, gold or copper link. If you are looking for a trendy jewel to offer or to wear, this is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable in recent seasons! It is also very dressy and suitable for special events as well as for work or a more casual outfit.

sun and moon necklaces

sun moon necklace

The Aztec trend never ceases to inspire jewelry designers. Should we see it as a desire to return to the essentials? Anyway, moon necklaces and sun necklaces are very popular. Each with their share of mystery, it gives a touch of character to our outfits. Sometimes solar or protective, they have that little extra soul that we like to have in a unique look.

Fine choker necklaces

If the “chocking” necklaces have made a comeback in recent years, it is a new minimalist trend that is essential This year. The choker necklace, yes, but with discretion and femininity. In the coming months, we will adopt the pearl choker necklace, worn alone or in several juxtaposed versions. Delicate, it highlights the neck on a white shirt, a little top or a beautiful blouse.

Zodiac sign necklace

thin astrology necklace

Always more or less fashionable, the astrological signs necklace for women has become a real timeless item. Today, it is everywhere in the shops to affirm our characters and our personalities. These necklaces are worn in a bohemian chic touch with a fine medallion. We love them for antique jewel spiritmore so when adorned with a gemstone or pearlescent finish.

Pendants with intertwined rings

In gold or silver version, the intertwined ring pendant has just the right modernity. Chic and elegant, it dresses with finesse.

Rhinestone necklaces

With the return of the fashion trends of the 2000s, rhinestone necklaces reappeared. To wear them well in 2023, however, you have to bet on refined necklaces and forget the extravagant versions of oversized necklaces with rhinestones. A transparent chain around the neck highlighting a rhinestone or a diamond, a hanging rhinestone necklace to enhance an evening dress, a thin and long necklace to dress up a neckline, here’s how to adopt it!

heart pendant necklaces

heart necklace

Again, it is thanks to the Y2K trend that we see certain types of necklaces coming back into fashion. Remember the costume jewelry worn a few years ago ! Fun, amusing, quirky, they allowed us to dare everything without batting an eyelid. This year, the heart necklace will be everywhere in our looks!


Fan of colored pearl necklaces or pearly white pearls? You will be able to have fun this summer and at the start of the school year! To satisfy all your desires, choose your mood of the moment… Australian surfer style necklace with small colored beads, hippie chic style with 60’s spirit pearls, pearl necklace dressed in the 80’s style, there will be something for everyone, whatever your style of dress!

Fine multi-row necklaces

Finally, we will still mention a trend that continues year after year, it is multi-row necklaces. In pendant mode, on different levels, with various ornaments, they are always perfect for highlighting our necklines!


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