My BEST EVER Style & Styling Ideas | 2022 Style Developments


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  1. It is sad how many women give up on shorts and shorter skirts. I live in a hot and humid climate – I literally have the opportunity to wear shorts year round. And trust me I know my legs are not perfect – I have veins I forget about. I don't remember the last time I saw my mother's legs – she'll be wearing pants even when it's sweltering.

  2. I am truly fascinated with all the work you put in on making videos! All those appropriate pictures definitely take a bit of research! Also, agree totally with your comment, that you leave the "age appropriate' comments to a minimum! Telling women to "dress and act your age" is discriminatory and downright insulting! Thanks!

  3. Shoutout to shorts, even if you have meatier thighs. When I was skinnier, I always shied away from shorts, but as an out and about mom and 20 kilos heavier I wear them now. In a nice linen fabric and some tailoring they can be so chic and practical at the same time, and a lot easier to move around in than skirts.
    Also yes to the fabric. Fabric is the difference between a piece that looks worn out and old after a season and something you can wear for years, and just gets patina or can be re-dyed to last longer.

  4. So glad you called out that horrible "shark bite" hem trend that has been touted to be slimming when it makes even the thinnest models look like they have hips for days. I have been buying bright colors to keep my mood up and feel motivated working from home- colorful sweat pants from the Gap and more fitted v neck tees from Eddie Bauer in similar and contrasting colors (in my season). Did not know there was a name for it!

  5. One of the reasons I have avoided dresses is because of my spider veins and my boney legs. I really need nylon hosiery to soften/smooth my contours and hide some of the discoloration on my legs. Nylons seem to be out of favor now, so unless I wear a maxi, I will avoid dresses.

  6. Great video. I love color. If I feel timid, I pair the color with a neutral. Fir me that would be Ivory, tan, or brown. All in warm shades. Sometimes I use black. Then I get the color and a bit of safety. It cheers me up. And others love it. I teach and it helps me and my students. Really. I also love dresses. So much. It isn’t hard to find flattering dresses. They can be changed up with different shoes, rolling the sleeves. Putting something underneath or on top. So a dress isn’t an always the same thing outfit. I did get some new ideas and I thank you for that. The shorts part was interesting. I must remember that confidence and a good fit are they key.

  7. Love your orange shirt. Where is it from? I already did a lot of things you suggested here, including going way out of my style comfort zone(which was so in a rut). I tried many different styes of jeans(had been living in leggings and long tiered dresses for the last three years), have incorporated colours I used to avoid etc.

  8. I love colors I look better in colors(depends) and I'm 48 years old( I don't look my age I look like I'm 26 lol) and you're right about ends up buying the clothes lol. I ends up buying different types of strips (I stopped) now when I buy clothes I am more conscious of what I am buying and think of what I already have in my closet makes a huge difference. I love dresses since I work from home it's so comfy. So I have closet if dresses. Haven't wore jeans in awhile since working from it's uncomfortable for me me sitting all day. Yes wear what your comfortable with.

  9. Who would have thought that Leonie would be a rule breaker rebel? With what going on in the world I might need to start drinking and get me some wine in a box. lol! I am really trying to keep the color going in the outfits I wear (mostly casual) and I have some bold color Nike running shoes (about 2 prs) and I will be actually looking to wear them like the examples you have shown here. Thanks for sharing and blessing to you and all in the days to come.

  10. I love dresses! But I do find a hard time finding something for my height. I am short and curvy. Any advice would be great. My go to for work are wrap dresses. But would love something fun for going out after work.

  11. I bought a Theory pants and sweater combo in raspberry about 4 years ago that I wore today. I wore it a few years ago, was in Nordstrom’s and the sales person complimented me and said he couldn’t get anyone to wear that bold color. I’ve always loved color, but being almost 6’ and at 63, I do have to have a bit of courage to wear it! Hope the trend of color catches on!

  12. I gave seing skinny jeans, as a bottom of trend that has a mini/midi dress as a top. Wich I found an smart renew your fall dresses with a leggins ir skinny jeans in the botom of your rrends

  13. Great vid! I've said this before, and I'll say it again: unless it looks like it belongs on a child, wear it and flaunt it. Also, half of my wardrobe is dresses, and half of those are maxi dresses. They make me feel feminine and are super comfortable. They're easy to dress up or down and wear in summer spring or layer for fall and winter. You can wear them with sandals, heels, tennis shoes, boots, etc. Wear the dress ladies! Wear the colors! You are beautiful and fabulous, so let the clothes show that. Confidence, kindness, and a smile is the best thing to wear anyway; everything else is just an accessory.

  14. Regarding dresses & shorts: for those of us of a certain age, going bare legged in a dress feels uncomfortable & we've been told that hose are matronly. I am very fair with pale legs that are now spotty from sun damage (sun bathing as a teen ) Anytime I wore shorts or a bathing suit in hot weather I got constant comments about "the glare from my white body." I'm in my 60s now & avoid direct sun exposure & can't be bothered self tanning either. Anyway, I still feel self conscious about my pale skin & my legs even more so now so I don't wear shorts, I wear flowy linen or gauz pants & maxi dresses in hot weather. Where I live gets very hot & stays hot well into October. Being cool & comfortable doesn't have to equal showing skin which you probably shouldn't do anyway to avoid sun damage. During the Winter I wear shorter ( knee length) dresses with tights & boots. Personally I find flowy skirts & pants more comfortable in hot weather than a pair of shorts but it would obviously depend on what activities you engaged in as to what was most practical to have in your wardrobe. And I am glad to see color back, black & grey was getting very dreary.


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