Menstrual panties: why use them? How it works ?

Menstrual panties: why use them?  How it works ?

Increasingly present in our closets, menstrual panties are very popular today. It has the double advantage of being a normal panty, aesthetic and practical, and of serving as hygienic protection! Still hesitating about using period panties to manage the flow of your period? Here are our good reasons to adopt menstrual panties !

Why use period panties?

Using menstrual panties has many advantages: it is practical, pretty, comfortable, ecological and efficient. It closely resembles normal panties and is no more than 3 cm thick. From an efficiency point of view, its absorption capacity is about 3-4 tampons or sanitary napkins, thanks to its three absorbent layers. Of course, period panties are washable and reusable. The same is true for menstrual swimsuits, offered in particular by the brand in particular. They are excellent alternatives to conventional sanitary protections which are single-use (and therefore very harmful to the planet) and are often uncomfortable. Many women do not really support the intravaginal protections (tampons, cup…), in this case, the menstrual panties are ideal solutions!

Rule panties: how does it work?

period panties how it works

The operation of period panties is relatively simple. Each panty has 3 absorbent layers : a first layer which drains the rule flow towards the more absorbent part of the panties, which is the second layer of fabric. It is this part that can be different depending on the panties chosen: for light, medium or strong flow ; this is where the blood is stored before washing. Finally, the third layer is an anti-leak security, a waterproof fabric membrane, which avoids any risk of leaks or stains on your clothes! To wear every day, in the office, in the evening and to take away urgently in your vacation suitcase!
All menstrual panties on the market are respectful of your body. Most are made of cotton and are hypoallergenic. You can use your menstrual panties alone or in addition to a tampon or a cup, depending on your flow and protection habits. Period panties can be used both day and night and can be kept on for 12 hours. As a general rule, when you feel your panties are wet, it’s a sign that it’s time to change them!

How many period panties to use?

period panties how it works

The number of period panties necessary to manage your period depends on several factors: intensity of the flow, use of the panties alone or as reinforcement, personal habits… It varies from one woman to another!
You need, at a minimum, 4 period panties for a menstrual cycle. At first, you can buy a single panty, or two, to test their effectiveness, their functioning and check that it suits you. If you want to adopt this type of sanitary protection, then you can buy two new ones and thus have 4 period panties to manage your cycle.
At the peak of your flow, you need two panties a day (one for the day and one for the night). You must then Wash in cold water then machine wash at 40°. To be really comfortable and avoid doing machines every day, you can have up to 8 or 10 period panties, ideally.

How effective are period panties?

period panties how it works

Today, period panties are sophisticated and efficient. They are as effective as conventional sanitary napkins, with a lower risk of leakage and a much more pleasant feeling! With your period panties, no more “nappy” feeling, unpleasant friction, dangerous products and ecological disaster! Period panties are gentle on your skin, secure (no leaks), odor free (even with heavy flow) and free of controversial products.
By getting into the habit of using menstrual panties, you even forget your period! The disadvantages remain very slight: it is difficult to spot the blood on the panties which are often dark in color and it is necessary to go through the washing box frequently. For the rest, it’s only positive!

THE menstrual panties have many advantages: safety, comfort, efficiency, aesthetics and respect for the body and nature. You only have good reasons to adopt them!


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