Luxury wedding hall: how much does it cost?

Luxury wedding hall: how much does it cost?

For your wedding reception, do you dream of bringing your guests together in a remarkable, majestic site? Castles, mansions, prestigious reception rooms… the luxury rooms for rent host the most beautiful weddings. Luxury wedding hall: how much does it cost? Evaluation of the budget to be provided for book a luxurious wedding venue.

Rent a luxurious reception hall for your wedding

Celebrate your wedding in a sumptuous reception room or in an exceptional place leaves an unforgettable memory to all the guests. The dream can come true for those who have taken care to anticipate their reservation.

Because if the offer of services is rich, demand is also strong for exceptional sites. It is therefore strongly advised to start looking for a wedding venue as soon as possible and to anticipate your reservation as much as possible, to have availability on the desired day.

But also to plan the budget necessary to reserve the site on which the couple sets their sights. Each couple has their own definition of what they consider a luxury wedding venue.

Depending on these criteria, the budget for the wedding hall can experience large fluctuations.

The party room

The party room is a place commonly reserved by the bride and grooms. It is often the most affordable choice and has a practical side. The reception room is provided for various events, the amenities are present and many people can be accommodated there.

Also, such a room is often quite neutral and impersonal. It is possible to turn this disadvantage into a strength: customization is easy. By bringing your own wedding decoration, the place can thus be transformed into a luxury wedding hall, to your taste, practical and comfortable for the guests.

And economical. It is necessary to count a few hundred euros for the cheapest wedding halls and the least equipped. Prices can reach a thousand euros for more complete services.

Castles and prestigious residences

The idea of ​​getting married in a castle or in a prestigious residence appeals to many couples. These places are highly sought after for their exceptional setting worthy of the most beautiful fairy tales.

They are particularly suitable for large weddings, areas with a large capacity. Several hundred people can celebrate the wedding there as it should. It is also often possible to stay there during the festivities.

All or part of the castle can be privatized for the wedding, which affects the price. Similarly, location and duration are parameters that cause prices to vary. The average range is between €5,000 and €15,000, depending on the services.

The reception rooms of large hotels

Many hotels offer in their services the provision of reception rooms. A practical choice since guests can stay on site and therefore party in complete safety.

The category of the hotel, its reputation, its prestige influences the size of the room and the rates requested to book.

The prices for privatizing a hotel reception room start at around €500 and can soar to more than €1,500.

Get married at the casino

luxury wedding hall casino


Even without going to Las Vegas, it is possible to consider your wedding at the casino. The festivities can be held in a hall of the casino, which has the advantage of being particularly spacious and close to the hotels to accommodate the guests..

Guaranteed glamorous atmosphere against a backdrop of originality. A few thousand euros are to be budgeted to celebrate his marriage in a casino.

The hotels

luxury inn wedding hall

Inns often provide an enchanting setting for a wedding, with vast expanses and quiet locations allowing for unrestrained partying. Small inns or large buildings, the buildings always have a lot of character.

A budget of 1000 € to 2000 € on average is required to rent a hostel for your wedding.

Get married in an unusual place

To get married in luxury while betting on originality, the bride and groom can choose an unusual place: mill, yurt, mountain refuge, cellar, marquee, boat…

The prices vary greatly from one site to another.

Packages and rates for luxury wedding venues

For each type of wedding hall, the service provider often offers a variable price list. It is therefore important to ask for personalized quotes to know the exact price for your wedding.

Providers often offer several formulas : renting the wedding hall alone or with others services : dj, caterer, provision of service personnel, decoration…

Seasonality can also come into play : hotels and hostels for example often have high season rates and low season rates. Communicating the date of the wedding as soon as possible is therefore very important for the price, in addition to the question of the availability of the room.

The number of guests, determining the size of the room, can also influence prices. Decreasing prices can be offered on certain options, such as the caterer for example.

The location and standing of the wedding hall influence the rating.

Also, the duration of the rental is to be considered. For the majority of weddings, the room is chosen for the big day and the next day. But for long weddings, weddings over several days, the wedding hall can be privatized for longer.

A luxury wedding hall requires a substantial budget. Nevertheless, there are great price disparities from one site to another. Asking for quotes from providers allows you to be fixed, because the budget to be planned will not be the same from one wedding to another. Also, beyond the apparent prestige, it is important for the couple to feel good in the proposed space and to be able to appropriate it during the celebrations.


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