Leather Earring Trend and How to Wear Them

Elegant and light, leather earrings have quickly become the fashion accessory to wear this season. Thanks to their eco-responsible, sustainable and made in France values, several brands have been able to showcase their jewelry and make us completely fall in love!
You are curious about this new trend in leather jewelry, and more particularly earrings? We tell you more about these pretty accessories and the outfits that match!

Upcycled leather jewelry, the new women’s trend!


Jewelry made of leather is not new. Leather is a material used very early in the manufacture of clothing, accessories and jewelry. It’s hard to say when the first leather bracelet or necklace dates back to! In any case, it is a material that is still used today by craftsmen and jewelers. Recently, the use of this material has been committed. Several brands of leather-based jewelry are claiming eco-responsible upgrading: they recover quality leather scraps and reuse them in their creations. In this way, the leather is not thrown away for nothing, on the contrary, it is used to create unique and original jewellery, without nickel. THE upcycled leather is generally high-end and is chosen for its aesthetic qualities.

Focus on leather earrings

leather buckles

Among the different types of jewelry, upcycled leather earrings are very popular with women. It is customizable jewelry (some manufacturers even offer to choose the piece of leather, its color and its texture, which will be affixed to the earring) which is, in most cases, made by hand and in France. Nickel free, these jewels can be worn by all women, whatever their style. There are many colors and the shapes can be different (classic earrings, stud earrings, pendant earrings, creoles, leather feathers, two-tone, etc.).
It is a unique creation process, which does not look like traditional jewelry, but is closer to craftsmanship. It is advisable to avoid contact with water (leather is sensitive to humidity), not to use cosmetics, cleaners or solvents. To keep your jewelry as long as possible, be sure to keep it away from moisture, perfume and clean it with a soft cloth.

How to wear a pair of leather earrings? Our 3 trendy look ideas

look with leather buckles

Look n°1: A refined style with leather stud earrings

A unique piece of jewelery created by hand (nickel free), such as a leather earring, is an elegant accessory. It goes perfectly with chic and distinguished outfits. You can, for example, wear a wrap dress or a modern suit, in a color that goes with your complexion, and add a pair of leather buckles or studs gilded with fine gold or silver, to complete your outfit. The little extra? This slight touch of color provided by the leather element which enhances a classic look and transforms it into a subtle and refined style.

Look n°2: Light summer clothes and leather earrings

Your pair of leather earrings is perfect for a summer atmosphere, with the sun, the sea and the palm trees in the background. Try pairing it with a linen or lightweight cotton outfit, like a white or beige linen ensemble, a shirt and slacks, or a linen dress. You can choose a pay of colorful earrings, red, yellow, green, pink, blue (marine leather is superb!) according to the colors you like. If you have a tanned complexion, prefer a jewel gilded with fine gold rather than a silver jewel.

Look n°3: A bohemian style with leather boho earrings

Handmade leather creations are perfect for women who have a bohemian, bohemian-chic or boho style. With a long white dress or a little flowery dress, a pair of leather and steel or leather and brass buckles is ideal! Choose dangling earrings or large earrings, preferably the colors of which match your clothes and the other jewelry you wear. Why not wear leather feathers, leopard leather buckles or bronze leather buckles ? Your bohemian outfit will be sublimated!

Desire to’a unique, trendy and responsible jewel ? We have what you need: leather creations made in France, made without nickel and from exceptional leather scraps, in all possible colors. We love it!


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