Jeans in all their forms and more trendy than ever!

A true fashion reference, jeans have become over the centuries a fundamental piece of all wardrobes, for women as well as for men. Timeless, denim has successfully survived the centuries, without ever losing its luster. On the contrary, it knows how to reinvent itself ad infinitum, imposing itself on all pieces of clothing and accessories, from trousers to skirts, including jackets, overalls, dresses, shorts, and even handbags. Even today, jeans occupy all the collections, summer and winter, and invite themselves into all looks. Let’s go back together to the history of this fabric like no other, before looking at the latest jeans trends for this year 2021.

Jeans, in all their forms

The first traces of denim fabric dates from the end of the 19th century. Native Nimes – from which it also takes its name “denim” – it was quickly exported to California, where it ended up in the hands of a fabric merchant of German Jewish origin, living in the United States: Levi Strauss. Fascinated by this raw, solid and resistant material, the entrepreneur cuts out pants from it, which he markets under the Levi’s brand, with the success that we know. Even today, it seems almost inconceivable to try to dissociate good old jeans from this iconic and historic brand.

Three centuries later, jeans are still all the rage with women and men of all generations. Over time and seasons, denim has gradually invaded all pieces of clothing. Also, there are both denim shirts, shorts, overalls, various and varied accessories, and even shoes.

The advantage of jeans is that they can be combined with everything (or almost), for a casual, resolutely elegant and modern look. Also, we can decorate a pair of classic denim pants with a pair of low sneakers, for a relaxed afternoon, or on the contrary opt for a pair of heeled shoes, for an evening with friends. In the middle of summer, the good old denim shorts are a real must for a trip to the beach, a few hours of shopping, or even a short walk in nature. Ideal for spring and fall, the essential denim jacket will complete all your looks. As for the most daring, they won’t hesitate to adopt denim overalls or dresses, for a most spectacular total denim effect.

Denim jacket

The latest jeans trends for 2021

In 2021, women’s jeans are still favored by fashion magazines. New cuts, new shapes, new designs, one thing is certain, it hasn’t finished surprising us. Zoom on the jeans trends of the moment, so you don’t miss anything during your next shopping trips.

Flared or bootcut jeans

70s flared jeans

This season, denim pants are getting a bootcut cut. Perfectly adjusted at the level of the hips, buttocks, and thighs, but slightly flared at the bottom, the bootcut jeans (also called flare) sublimates all silhouettes. We love it because it slims the thighs and molds the buttocks perfectly, for a 70s hippie effect subtly brought up to date. You can even choose it in jewel jeans with pretty vintage embroidery. It comes with a classic white t-shirt or floaty blouse. In winter, opt for small boots with heels. For the summer, platform sandals are ideal to refine the silhouette even more.

The buttoned denim skirt


Mini, midi, or maxi, the denim skirt remains a must. This year, it is adorned with buttons, perfectly aligned, for a modern and casual look. It’s up to you to choose the length according to your size. So, if you are rather tall, opt for a mid-length or long denim skirt, ideal for highlighting your figure. Decorate it with a trendy crop top to play on the short/long effect. On the other hand, if you are of small size, the buttoned denim mini skirt will suit you. To stay sexy and elegant in a mini-skirt, be sure to wear it with sneakers (or flat sandals) and a classic t-shirt.

The XXL jacket

Denim jacket with fluffy collar

For this spring, the traditional fitted denim jacket gives way to the oversized jacket ultra-trendy. It’s very simple, the XXL denim jacket can be worn with everything. Colorful pants, ¾ or rolled up at the calves, rock t-shirt (also oversize), small tight top, mom pants, or even casual dress, don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures for a resolutely 2021 look.

Reverse paperbag pant

Discovered last year, the paper bag jeans finds this year’s fashion collections, but with a variation. Indeed, instead of being tightened and tied at the waist with a belt, it is reversed and now tied at the ankles. Hence the expression reversed paperbag. It can be worn loose or skinny, depending on your personal preferences. Original, always elegant, and incredibly modern, the inverted paperbag jeans have the advantage of highlighting all curves and all morphologies.

Overalls or denim overalls

denim overalls

If the denim dress remains a timeless classic of denim fashion, this year it’s overalls and denim jumpsuits which are honoured. Ideal for enhancing the silhouette, especially around the hips and thighs, dungarees and other jumpsuits are on the rise in 2021. If you don’t dare to venture into a total denim look, you can also opt for the hybrid jumpsuit, with a bottom (shorts or pants) in denim and a top (top or tank top) in cotton.


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