Jacket with shoulder pads, dress with shoulder pads, etc. The trend is back!

Jacket with shoulder pads, dress with shoulder pads, etc. The trend is back!

Back to the future today with the file of shoulder pads ! After spending several decades deep in our closets, shoulder pads are back in fashion. In XXL 80s version or more discreet, this is the cut that we will all want to adopt. Here are our tips for putting yourself on the shoulder pads without fashion faux pas.

Shoulder pads: symbol of power dressing

THE shoulder pads are initially, let’s remember, a typically masculine cut, which was found in particular on official uniforms and then, more broadly, in the business wardrobe. Women began to wear them during the 80s, under the impetus of great fashion designers, including the best known, Thierry Mugler. But, beyond being a fashion trend, shoulder pads are above all a symbol of clothing for the emancipation of women! It was in fact during the 1980s that women (finally) really entered the world of work, and especially that of business. Of course, this world is still very masculine, and the shoulder pads allow women to adopt the codes of the male wardrobebut without overdoing it.

We stop there for the sociological aspect of the shoulder pads, but perhaps their comeback shortly after the #MeToo movement and the liberation of women’s speech is not as trivial as one might think…

On which pieces do we like shoulder pads?

Whether you adore them or whether you are on the contrary more reserved about the shoulder pads, you should find your happiness. Here is our favorite shoulder pieces from the moment.

The shoulder pad blazer

Classic of the genre: the epaulette blazer. Nothing really revolutionary a priori, except that those of this season are oversized and in the maxi shoulder pad. Deliberately very masculine, blazer with maxi shoulder pads is best worn with more feminine pieces such as a midi skirt, a bohemian dress or a romantic, low-cut blouse. Do not hesitate to opt for color, it will soften the square silhouette of your blazer. We particularly like pastel yellow, lilac, pink or even green.

zara epaulet jacket

removable jewel epaulette accessory

The dress with shoulder pads

We love shoulder pads on a dress, quite simply. This cut allows you to visually slim the waist and lengthen the legs, and works wonders on a figure 8 body shape. Depending on whether you are looking for an evening dress or a day dress, opt for more or less marked shoulder pads. On the other hand, we always advise you to opt for a short dress and rather close to the body, so that the long legs and slim waist effect works!

Question neckline, here again everything depends on the occasion: we put on a round or boat neck for the day, while we dare the V neckline or the bare back for the evening.

fashion epaulette clothing trends 2021

epaulette dress
@The Kooples

We even see emerging models of shoulder pad wedding dress or its alternative jumpsuit.

off shoulder wedding dresses

fashion epaulette clothing trends 2021

The shoulder pad T-shirt

THE shoulder pad t-shirt will delight all those who are not, a priori, seduced by marked shoulders. This is a very simple sleeveless top, but with padded shoulders, so as to create small shoulder pads. The spirit is clearly chic-casual and this tiny addition can transform a simple white tank top into a basic for a working girl. Practical, trendy and elegant, what more could you ask for?

epaulette t shirt

Accessory shoulder pads

Not sure you like shoulder pads enough to invest in a dress or blazer? No problem, go for a pair of removable shoulder pads ! It works a bit like a belt, but for your shoulders: you can place them on whatever you want, and in a snap of your fingers propel the simplest outfit into real fashion statement. We advise you to bet on jewelry shoulder padswhich will bring a lot of sophistication to your look.

removable jewel epaulette accessory


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