How to wear your silk scarf?

The silk square is a timeless piece that has passed through several generations. It’s a must have in women’s wardrobes, and it’s more than ever at the heart of trends. This silk scarf has been designed to cover the neck to protect the wearer from the cold. Over time, it has become a real fashion accessory, available in different models. Today, it can be worn in different ways to spruce up your look. This little detail can make all the difference, because it takes care of bringing the final touch to your outfit. How to wear the silk scarf well to be stylish and how to choose it? Find out everything you need to know about this must-have trend in women’s fashion.

Where does the silk square come from?

The silk scarf was created more than 80 years ago. This scarf, designed with a noble material and adopting a square shape, was designed by Robert Dumas, director of the great luxury house Hermès. It was created in 1937, before becoming an iconic fashion item. This silk scarf is very popular for its timelessness. It has been reinvented over the years to allow women to find the patterns they like from a wide range.

The first silk square is dressed in a pattern imitating the goose game. Many variations have been created over time, ranging from animal and artistic motifs to sports motifs. There are also different sizes, to be chosen according to the intended use. Today, this accessory has become a staple in women’s fashion, worn by major celebrities in all seasons. In addition to sublimating an outfit, the silk square is very comfortable to wear thanks to its softness and lightness.

Where to find quality silk squares?

Thanks to the popularity of this accessory, it is not very difficult to find silk squares corresponding to your tastes and your needs. Many shops offer a large collection of this luxury scarf for your greatest happiness. You just have to look at the offers on offer to spot a wide variety of models. You can discover from many models of silk squares just as elegant as each other on specialized sites. To guarantee the quality and durability of this accessory, we recommend that you choose your online store carefully. Check its reputation and choose the one that offers a wide variety of models.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the items offered. To choose the right silk square, a few parameters must be taken into consideration. The size of the scarf will depend on the style you want to adopt. The way you plan to wear it will influence the size of your silk scarf. The patterns and colors of this piece should also be chosen according to your style and skin tone. Finally, be sure to choose a quality silk to guarantee the durability of your scarf. As can be seen with the silk squares available on this site, you will find scarves designed in this noble material of all colors and all sizes.

The different ways to wear a silk scarf

square silk bag

The silk square was originally worn in a classic way on the neck to protect against the cold. Today, it can be worn in a thousand and one ways to complete your look and give you style.

Wear the silk square around the neck

You have the possibility to tie your silk square in different ways according to the desired rendering. To stay classic, just wear it around your neck by making a knot in the front. You can also roll it up before wearing it or put it around your neck like a tie. It all depends on the occasion and your outfit.

Slip the silk square through your hair

Have you always loved the retro style? The silk square will be your best ally to achieve this look. Just glide it through your hair. It can also cover your head when folded into a triangle. You will then wear it like a bandana. On sunny days, the silk square is a great alternative hair elastics. It can hold your bun to embellish it and bring color to your outfit. Feel free to choose dapper patterns in sparkling colors. This scarf can also be used as a headband, with the hair tied or loose. It is suitable for all hair types and all cuts. If you are a fan of braids, why not include this accessory on both sides?

Wear the silk square like a top

Summer means light clothes, beach and sun. This is an opportunity to be creative to adopt a unique and original style with your silk scarf. It will come to cover your bust to form a nice design and stylish top. Play with colors and patterns to achieve a stunning summer look.

Accessorize an outfit with a silk scarf

This luxurious scarf can also be used to accessorize your outfit in different ways. It can sublimate your waist by wearing it as a belt. You just have to roll it up on itself before slipping it through the loops of your pants or shorts and tying it on the side or in the center with a pretty bow. You can also use your silk square to customize your handbag. Attached to one end of the bag, it will add charm to your accessory. Many women even use the largest scarves to completely cover the handle of the bag. For jewelry lovers, small squares can replace the straps of your watches. You can also adorn your wrist or ankle with this designer accessory.

Outfit ideas with which to wear the silk scarf

THE silk square is a versatile piece who can accompany you for all occasions. It goes easily with any outfit. Whether it’s to go to the office, to the beach, to a romantic or professional date or even for an important occasion, it will embellish you for sure. For a summer outfit, you can opt for a very colorful model and wear it in your hair or as a little top. A bright, plain little dress will do just fine. For a rather professional look, nothing beats the silk square tie worn over a shirt, with trousers or a straight skirt.

A large bow on the neck may be enough to get you to work. It’s not the ideas that are lacking to compose a stylish outfit with a silk scarf. You can take inspiration from the looks of the big stars for a successful outfit. As you can see, the silk square is a fundamental fashion accessory to add the finishing touch to a look. This scarf can be worn both during the winter season and on sunny days. Whatever your style of dress, this piece can match your outfit without any problem.

The silk square will accompany you in everyday life as well as for special occasions. The different variations of colors and patterns allow you to create a style that suits you. You just have to choose the model according to your specific needs. Be sure to choose quality floss and consider take good care of your silk scarves to maximize their lifespan. Choose renowned boutiques and major brands like Hermès to be sure of quality.


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