How to wear the tankini with style?

The beautiful days are coming and, with them, a mad desire to renew your beach wardrobe? That’s good, so are we. We take you today to discover the tankini, this hybrid of feminine beachwearboth practical, comfortable, stylish and very fashionable at the moment.

The tankini: what is it?

A hybrid of women’s beachwear, the tankini is a swimsuit with the same coverage as a one-piece, but with the top and bottom separate, like a bikini.

The top of the tankini is a kind of swim tank topmost often with a built-in bra, and the bottom is classic bikini bottoms, which can be of any shape. The term ” tankinis is also the contraction of “tank top” (“tank top” in English) and “bikini”. Top and bottom of the tankini are made of “swimsuit” material, which makes them as comfortable and practical as a classic swimsuit, and today they exist in all the shapes, cuts, colors and prints you could imagine.

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What are the advantages of the tankini?

You can imagine it, if we talk to you about the tankinis is that he has plenty of strings to his bow. To know first, the tankini is a real trend in beachwear, so you will be easily stylish by opting for this kind of jersey. Available to infinity, you will have no trouble finding a model that suits you and that you like.

Second very good point in favor of the tankinithe great comfort it provides: sunbathing or swimming, you’ll be perfectly comfortable, and it’s always more pleasant than having to constantly check that your bikini top is in place.

Afterwards, the tankini is an option very well suited to generous breasts. Most tankini tops, often designed for curvy women, incorporate a real bra, which offers very good support, much better than what can be obtained with a traditional swimsuit, even underwired.

how to wear tankini

Last advantage of tankinisand probably what earned it its popularity, the fact that it allows hide its small flaws while remaining feminine and stylish. It is indeed perfect for erasing a small belly, generous hips, an imposing chest, scars, stretch marks… Or whatever it is that you don’t like too much on your bust. It is clearly one of the best beach allies for curvy women. And, a little healthier, wearing a tankini means exposing less skin to the sun and its UV, which is always a good thing. Suddenly, it is also savings in sunscreen, so great.

Which tankini to choose according to its morphology?

The tankini is stylish, comfortable and perfect for anyone who wants to cover up a few small flaws.. But still it is necessary to choose it correctly. As we were saying, there are now hundreds of models, with different cuts and necklines, which adapt to different morphologies (we give you some advice to know your morphology).

Focus on the different forms of tankini and the morphologies that go with them.

The tankini for generous hips

If you have generous hips, your goal will be to refine this part of the body. For this, we advise you to opt for a flared and flowing tankini top, which will give more harmony to your figure. Opt for thin straps that will nicely highlight your shoulders, and for a fairly open neckline, preferably V, which will draw attention to your chest. For the bottom of tankinis, prefer a high waist and a shorty, more covering than a classic panty. Especially avoid low rise bottoms.

shorty tankini

The tankini for women with a small belly

Flared and flowing tankini tops are very suitable for curvy women with a little belly. Fluid and not tight, they help to highlight the neckline and erase any bulges. Chosen short, a flared tankini will allow you to highlight your buttocks and your legs. If you prefer to hide them too, opt for a “dress” tankini, fluid also, and which goes down to the bottom of the buttocks. Anyway, bet on a high-waisted, sheathing tankini bottomsit’s the best to hide a small belly.

How to wear the tankini with style?

The tankini for small breasts

Women with small breasts can opt for a plunging V neckline with small ruffles on the bodice or for a bustier tankinitwo very feminine and sensual cuts.

how to wear tankini

The tankini for generous breasts

For generous breasts, we advise you to choose a tankini with built-in bra of course, and preferably on a basket-type neckline. Avoid plunging Vs, it’s impossible to properly support a large chest in this kind of neckline, and also bustiers, which risk giving a droopy appearance to your chest.

How to wear the tankini with style?

The colors and prints we love this summer

Now that you know which model you’re headed for, let’s take a quick look stylish tankini colors and prints for this summer.

Plain colors: which one to choose on a tankini?

In terms of colors, black is always a good option of course, but don’t hesitate to indulge yourself with a beautiful color like red, yellow, or even a beautiful purple, it’s summer after all. We also like the navy tankini.

black tankini
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Prints to adopt this summer

For prints, we see a lot of animal print tankini (zebra or leopard), but you have to be able to accept it. If you are looking for something a little softer, we recommend white polka dots, a safe bet, gingham which is adorable, fine stripes why not, or even floral patterns. On the latter, you will have the choice between the tropical atmosphere type palm trees or more traditional with roses or small flowers, both are trendy.

leopard print tankini

Choose the patterns and colors of a tankini according to its morphology

The colors and patterns of the tankini are to be chosen according to your morphology. That is to say, if you want to erase your hips, avoid choosing a leopard tankini bottom and favor black.

Basically, we put pattern and/or color on the parts we want to highlight, and plain and dark on the others.

If you want to draw the eye to your chest but hide your belly, opt for a flared colorblock tankini for example.

Mismatching your tankini: the good idea for summer

Good news, you don’t have to wear the tankini as a set, far from it. The trend is moreover more towards mix&match, which wants to combine two prints or two colors that are not, a priori, made to be together.

If you choose to mismatch the patterns, you still have to be a little careful. Rule not to do anything with his tankini, is to choose a top and bottom that are certainly mismatched, but which remain “in the same style”. For example, you can combine wide stripes and narrow stripes, but not checks and whales. Another tip for doing well by mismatching your tankini, try to respect the following formula: either patterns of the same kind (stripes with stripes it’s yes), or patterns that have a common color (white stripes and white polka dots it’s ok). We therefore avoid, for example, green squares with purple polka dots. If you’re not sure, opt for a patterned top and a plain bottom, or vice versa.

How to wear the tankini with style?

The other advantage of wearing her mismatched tankiniis that you can associate the pieces according to your morphology. For example: you fall for a floral flared tankini top perfect for hiding a small belly, but the panties that go with it are low waisted and you would prefer to avoid them. No problem, just wear any swimsuit bottom you like, as long as it goes with the top.

Where to buy a stylish tankini?

You will find cute stylish tankini models on the following sites:

  • La Redoute
  • shein
  • asos
  • Some models at H&M too
  • Good price


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