How to wear the red suit to a wedding without faux pas?

The red wedding suit is an unusual choice. Original and elegant, it is nevertheless perfect for celebrating your wedding. How to wear the red suit to a wedding without faux pas? Our advices.

Red groom suit: which shade to choose?

The color red is available in a wide range of shades. Cherry red, burgundy, garnet, crimson red, vermeil… The red is sometimes light, sometimes dark. Everyone can find a red set that they like and that suits them.

To choose the right shade for your red suit, you have to take your complexion into account. Cold red tones, such as the red of raspberries for example, are well suited to fair skin. Warm tones, like the red of ripe tomatoes, highlight dark skin tones.

Full red suit or mismatched suit?

In a two-piece suit or a three-piece suit, red can be worn as a full look.

The complete red set is particularly trendy. Each piece that composes it, the men’s jacket, the pants and the waistcoat

It is also possible to dare red with more parsimony, by choosing a mismatched wedding suit. Red jacket or red pants can be combined with pieces of clothing of other colors. Black, white and gray bring out the red particularly well.

What shirt to wear with your red groom suit?

Most brides opt for very classic blue, gray or black suits. Appearing in front of your other half and your guests in a red suit will not fail to pleasantly surprise the assembly.

The shirt is essential to wear under a suit jacket. In the case of a costume already original by its red color, we focus on sobriety.

A white shirt or a black shirt brings out the pretty red color of a suit, whatever its shade.

It is preferably chosen plain, with fine stripes or small discreet patterns.

What shoes to get married in a red suit?

To be elegant in a red suit, the groom will choose shoes that do not break the harmony of the outfit.

The trend of wearing sneakers at your wedding can be followed, even having chosen to put on a red wedding suit. Simply choose a nice pair of white sneakersleather or canvas, and impeccably clean.

Dress shoes, in black or brown leather, are also quite chic with a red groom suit: derbies, moccasins, oxfords…

Accessorize your red wedding suit

red wedding suit with accessories

Like any outfit, a red wedding suit gains in status when it is beautifully accessorized. It is also a way for the groom to appropriate his outfit even more by personalizing it.

A black belt adjusts the red pants elegantly. Cufflinks are a refined detail to wear on the shirt whose cuffs protrude from the red jacket.

Around the neck, the groom can freely choose between a tie and a bow tie. There are different styles and all widths. Again, the black color is ideal to match the red jacket. Tone on tone is also possible with an accessory in the same red as the costume.

For the pocket square to wear in his red suit jacket, black or white are safe choices. For the buttonhole, we choose a white flower present in the bouquet of the bride.

For an extra touch of originality with a red wedding suit, the groom can opt for wooden accessories : bow tie, watch, eyeglass frame, cuff caps, etc.

Find your red wedding suit

Wearing red attracts attention, already focused on yourself when you are the groom. It is therefore essential to choose a red suit that highlights its morphology.

The tailor-made red wedding suit flatters the figure. Exact measurements are taken to make the clothes.

Pretty red ready-to-wear suits are also available. If necessary, they can be altered by a designer.

In addition to the cut, attention is paid to the material in which the red wedding suit is made. All textiles can be dyed red, but not all have the same fallout and the same comfort.

To get married in summer, the red suit in cotton or linen is ideal. For a winter wedding, opt for warmer materials, such as velvet or tweed.

The red suit is out of the ordinary, so it’s perfect for a great once-in-a-lifetime occasion: your wedding. It is also ultra trendy. This strong color can be worn in any season. By betting on a certain sobriety for the rest of the outfit and the accessories, the red wedding suit is easily worn without missteps.


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