How to wear the empire dress

We talk about it less often than its trapeze and skater cousins, but the empire dress However, it also has many advantages. We are correcting this shortcoming today by giving you the 5 main advantages of the empire waist dress !

The empire cut

You know us, we like to start by making things clear: the empire cut, what is this ? It’s very simple, it is recognized by its size marked very high on the bust, just below the chest. The bottom of the dress is straight or very slightly flared, and all lengths are possible.

Advantage 1: it’s better than a princess dress

THE first asset of the empire dress, and probably our favorite is that it’s even better than a princess dress. It is downright an empress dress, and we think we all deserve to have the finery of an empress. Joking aside, the empire cut would have been worn for the first time by none other than Joséphine Beauharnais, for the sacrament of her dear and tender, Napoleon Bonaparte, yes just that. The fashion for the empire cut (you will have understood why it is called like that) was therefore launched in 1795, and lasted at least until 1820. It was established in a France that broke with the codes of the pre-Revolt monarchy, and eager for sobriety. There empire waist dress also allowed women to free themselves from some of the shackles that were imposed on them, and this literally. There fluid and straight cut of the empire dress indeed sounded the death knell of corsets and other frames used to hold the enormous period dresses in place, and thus restored women to their natural silhouette.

The 5 assets of the empire dress

Advantage 2: it’s even better than an empress dress

do not forget that the empire cut is largely inspired by the clothes worn by women and goddesses of Greek and Roman Antiquity, so we are definitely on the goddess dress. As far as we are concerned, we are already completely convinced.

The 5 assets of the empire dress

Advantage 3: the empire cut looks good on (almost) all women

If you are round, it will blur your shapes by creating a nice straight line; if you find your hips too wide, you will be delighted to see them reduced by empire cut dress ; if you have a small chest, it will be nicely highlighted by the very high waist of the empire dress… It’s a cut that works just as well on petite and luscious silhouettes, and this, whether you are small or tall! The only small downside we would issue concerns women with generous breasts. There empire cut tending to visually increase the size of the chest, it is indeed better to avoid if yours is rather large.

The 5 assets of the empire dress

Advantage 4: it’s a timeless fashion

If it is true that the empire dress has, like all other clothes for that matter, periods when it is more trendy than at others, it is never old-fashioned. Our advice therefore: invest in a sober and elegant empire cut dress, very good quality, that you can wear for years without ever losing style. The idea is to make it a basic in your wardrobe, which you can accessorize at your leisure according to the trends of the moment. You will find them easily thanks to the trend of bridgerton dresses!

The 5 assets of the empire dress

Advantage 5: it can be worn on all occasions!

Let’s be clear, we’re not telling you that the same empire dress can be worn for any occasion (although, it all depends on the model), but rather that the empire cut adapts and declines easily for all styles. We give you some examples.

The 5 assets of the empire dress

For a wedding guest outfit

There empire dress works great as a wedding outfit because it is naturally elegant and very feminine. You just have to choose pretty materials like cotton percale or even silk to make it a very sophisticated piece. You can also easily find a floral empire dress for a country wedding, in pastel tones for a bohemian ceremony, with polka dots for a vintage wedding…

empire dress

In order to go to the office

Want a stylish and too easy office outfit for lazy days? Bet on the empire cut! Choose a sober and united model preferably, and wear it with a pair of elegant shoes such as pumps or low-heeled mules for example.

For an afternoon shopping

In addition to being pretty and trendy, the empire dress is comfortable: it does not tighten your waist or legs, and it will only take you a few seconds to try on pants in the cabin. We advise you to offset it with a pair of trendy sneakers and wear a nice felt hat with it.


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