How to wear the denim skirt in any season?

The denim skirt is an essential basic in every wardrobe. Declined in all forms, in all styles and all colors, it is a super easy piece to wear everyday, whatever the season. Demonstration with our denim skirt look ideas for spring, summer, fall and winter !

Know how to choose your denim skirt

As we said, the denim skirt exists today in a multitude of cuts and styles, and it is not always easy to choose YOUR denim skirt. Your Good Friends give you some advice for find the perfect denim skirt for you, according to your morphology, your style and your age.

According to its morphology

Mini, maxi, midi, straight, trapeze, pencil… Not easy to navigate in the world of denim skirt. We will try to keep it simple:

Figure 8 morphology

Body types in 8 (shoulders and hips of the same width, with a marked size), can afford everything in terms of cut. Everything will work, but remember to favor high-waisted cuts to emphasize your marked waist.

how to wear the denim skirt ideas looks and outfits

A-frame silhouette

Women with an A body type (with hips wider than shoulders) will have every interest in choosing a flared A-line cut. Avoid anything that has frills or that adds thickness to the thighs and hips.

The morphologies V (shoulders wider than hips) can opt for a slightly bulkier denim skirtwallet and/or trapeze for example, in order to harmonize their silhouette.


For a H-morphology (shoulders and hips aligned without a marked waist), it is better to favor a straight cut, and above all to avoid high-waisted models. Note that a slightly flared A-line cut can also work.

denim skirt white shirt

Curvy women

Finally, women with an O morphology will be enhanced by a pretty pencil cut, perfect for a glamorous style, or by a simple straight cut, for a wiser look.

Last point, depending on your size, you will need to choose a suitable denim skirt length. Just remember that the little ones should favor mini cuts and avoid midi and maxi lengths, while the tall ones can afford the latter.

According to his style

Are you more casual-chic? Bohemian? Preppy? Comfortable? Opt for a denim skirt model that suits you and that you can easily match with the rest of your wardrobe. Our sustainable fashion advice: choose a fairly simple model that you can keep for a long time. If the beads, embroidery and other effects used quickly go out of fashion, the raw or black denim skirt remains a must.

how to wear the denim skirt ideas looks and outfits

According to his age

We leave the micro-skirt to very young women and opt for a denim skirt that falls above the knees when you are over 30. That said, a denim mini with a pair of opaque tights is a great option at any age, as long as you have perfect legs.

Wearing the denim skirt in summer: fluidity and lightness

Whether you opted for classic denim skirt (short, straight, trapeze, etc.) or for a slightly more original model (long or midi for example), always bet on a fluid and light top. A simple plain oversized tank top, for example, will work very well in any situation, and you can adapt your accessories according to the occasion.

We’re loving square-toed sandals right now, as well as pointed-toe mules, which will act as a fashion statement.

The denim skirt for fall: bowler hat and leather boots

When the first frosts of autumn arrive, we are generally delighted to be able to bring out our cozy sweaters and other cuddly scarves, but that’s not a reason to give up your denim skirt ! On the contrary, it will do wonders worn with a pair of fancy tights, leather boots, a fine knit sweater and a pretty trench coat. Do not hesitate to add a beautiful felt hat, the trendy accessory for fall!

Wearing a denim skirt in winter: cozy and comfy

Thanks to woolen tights, there’s no need to give up our favorite little skirts, and that’s very good news since denim skirt is perfect for winter. We put on a comfy look inspired by Audrey Lombard, and we wear our denim mini with an XXL sweater and a pair of boots, leopard print why not.

how to wear the denim skirt ideas looks and outfits

The denim skirt in spring: color and small flowers

Delighted with the return of fine weather and small flowers, we wear our denim skirt with a flowing blouse, feminine and flowery if possible. The floral pattern is very trendy at the moment, so take advantage of it! Slip your feet into a pair of derbies, loafers or canvas sneakers for a stylish denim skirt spring look.

how to wear the denim skirt ideas looks and outfits


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