How to wear sneakers to a wedding without faux pas?

Previously confined to sportswear, sneakers are now trendy shoes worn for all occasions, including weddings. Sneakers are shoes that go with everything. However, wearing a pair of sneakers to a wedding can lead to a fashion faux pas. So you have to think carefully about your look and pay attention to how to wear sneakers to a wedding without faux pas. Our advices.

Which sneakers to choose for a wedding?

Sneakers are very fashionable. Also, the creators offer many models of sneakers, very varied. Among this wide choice, some sneakers are more appropriate for official ceremonies than others.

For a wedding, we opt for chic sneakers. A pair of sneakers in leather or canvas with a small sole is the perfect shoe to wear.

The bride and groom can opt for personalized sneakers. In particular, by having their sneakers embroidered with their initials, mentions such as Mr & Mrs, the date of the wedding…

Conversely, we avoid very typical streetwear models (unless it is the theme of the wedding), such as high-top sneakers.

Whichever pair of shoes you choose, it’s essential to show up to the wedding with sneakers that are spotless, clean and in great condition. A valid advice for all shoes! At the risk of spoiling the look, appearing neglected and detonating vis-à-vis the bride and groom and other guests.

What colors of sneakers to wear to the wedding?

At a wedding, sneakers can be worn by guests as well as by the bride and groom themselves. More and more couples like to get married in sneakers.

Ideally, we therefore apply the same tacit rule as for clothes by not choosing white sneakers. This color is to be reserved for the bride, from head to toe. Even if this one can afford everything and therefore opt for another color.

For the rest, it’s all a matter of taste: colours, discreet or extravagant patterns, plain colours, materials…

When to wear sneakers in a wedding?

Sneakers can be worn throughout the wedding, or it is also possible to have a second pair of more classic shoes for an event, such as pumps, sandals or moccasins for example. Certain stages of the unfolding of a wedding are very appropriate for wearing sneakers.

The civil ceremony is an administrative moment, formal but more relaxed than the religious union. The outfits meet these same criteria, and the sneakers respond perfectly to a dress code that is both elegant and casual..

The reception is a moment of relaxation, where the guests get to know each other and break the ice. Showing up to the cocktail party in sneakers is perfectly suited to the occasion.

The dance floor is the perfect place to practice with sneakers. The feet find the welcome comfort to ignite the dancefloor until the early morning.

To participate in the games and entertainment that punctuate the wedding evening, it is better to be at ease. Sneakers allow you to have fun in the best conditions.

Also, sneakers can be the wedding theme. They are then essential, each guest must have his pair of sneakers on his feet.

Wearing sneakers can also be a solution for a themed wedding: glitter sneakers, one color sneakers, vintage sneakers, sports theme

What clothes to associate with sneakers for a wedding?

wear wedding sneakers

Sneakers have the enormous advantage of matching all outfits, even the most dressy ones. Men and women can wear this type of shoes on their feet while remaining elegant.

Among the different styles of sneakers, there is necessarily one that will go with the outfit chosen to attend the wedding: wedding dress, cocktail dress, suit, jeans, cigarette pants, skirt, groom suit, 2 or 3 piece suit, chinos and shirt, jeans… Everything is allowed with sneakers.

Likewise, wearing sneakers allows all accessories : hat, tie, bow tie, jewellery, pocket square…

With low sneakers, special attention is paid to socks. We opt for invisible socks or pretty socks that cover the ankle. They can be classic or very original, depending on his personality, the theme of the wedding…

The whole thing is to create a harmonious look, by drawing the eye to its strengths. While respecting the dress code and the theme of the wedding.

Yes, it is now possible to go to a wedding wearing a pair of sneakers. Wedding sneakers are even very trendy. Provided they are well chosen and well worn. The theme of the ceremony, the clothes making up the wedding outfit and their accessories, free or imposed dress-code, are all elements to take into account when choosing and wearing sneakers to a wedding without making any mistakes.


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