How to wear mom jeans? Tips, tricks and styling ideas

Taking advantage of the eternal fashion cycle, the mom cut has made a comeback, and it is now an absolutely essential denim piece. If you don’t know how to wear yours yet, or if you want to crack but aren’t sure, you’ve come to the right place! We tell you everything you need to know about the mom jeans: for which body types, what to wear them with, how to choose them

How do you recognize mom jeans?

We recognize the mom jeans at her high waist, her straight leg, her 7/8 lengthe and her wide hips, with allowance for a mid-rise waist and a slightly tapered leg. They are often confused with boyfriend jeans, but the latter have a looser cut and a low waist most often.

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Anyway, if you find that a pair of jeans looks very similar to what your mother wore in the 90s and what you saw on Rachel and Monica on TV, it is most likely a mom jeans.

Shopping tip: if you are looking for a mom jeansknow that it is also called ” momfit “. This is one of the trendiest jeans cuts of the moment.

Mom jeans: for which morphologies?

As always in fashion, we are not all equal, and some morphologies will be better enhanced by mom jeans than others… You are not sure to know your morphology? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to recognize it in another article.

There mom cut is rather made for morphologies in 8, X or V. Basically, for all those who have the marked size (it’s a high waist after all), and whose hips and thighs are rather thin. Remember, in fact, that the mom jeans have wide hipswhich, in fact, inevitably thicken this region of the body. A-line silhouettes may therefore not appreciate the mom cut too much.… Finally, H-bodies can also wear a mom jeansprovided you opt for a mid-rise rather than a high rise.

Wearing mom jeans when you are round: how to do it?

A priori, the mom jeans is not necessarily the most suitable model for curvy women… However, the momfit can, if it is well chosen and well worn, quite suitable for luscious morphologies. We advise you to opt for a mom jeans black or raw, which will refine your silhouette, which you will preferably wear with heels. Do not hesitate to add a long vest (until about mid-thigh) worn open: this will lengthen your silhouette and harmonize it, while hiding your hips a little. Other tips for dressing well when you are plump in another article!

Can we wear mom jeans when we are little?

Same observation for short women: you can completely afford the mom jeans, if you wear it correctly. Choose it preferably dark, rather fitted, and wear heels to lengthen your leg. Little Sioux tip: wear nude shoes that will suggest that you have gained a few centimeters. We give you more tips for dressing when you are small in another article.

Choosing the right shoe for your mom jeans: the key to success

You know it: jeans are a timeless part of every wardrobe. And this is largely due to the fact that it can be adapted very easily to all styles.

Often, all you need to do is change your shoes to give your outfit a completely different tone, and mom jeans are clearly no exception.


Mom jeans and sneakers: casual look

Want an outfit that’s easy to put together and wear? Put on your mom jeans with a nice white shirt and slip your feet into a pair of leopard sneakers, you will be trendy, feminine and radiant with your casual look !

Mom jeans and loafers: casual chic look

Need a twist to dress up your jeans? Bet on a pair of moccasins, the official shoe of the BCBG clan! Wear a silk blouse under a fitted blazer, and add some fine jewelry to complete your casual chic look with mom jeans.

How to wear mom jeans?  Tips, tricks and styling ideas
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Mom jeans and derbies: the basis of a preppy look

Mom jeans can be the basis of a preppy look, all you have to do is add a pearl gray fine knit sweater, preferably with a Claudine collar, and above all a pretty pair of varnished derbies. Do not hesitate to wear pretty socks with your derbies, the must of the preppy trend.

Mom jeans and dad shoes: 90’s look

Do you feel vintage soul? Bet everything on your mom jeans ! Wear it with a pair of dad shoes and a cropped sweatshirt to match 90s fashion.

Mom jeans and pumps: chic and feminine look

Associate the mom jeans A pair of pumps is a great way to make it a chic and feminine outfit, perfect for an evening with a lingerie-inspired tank top, or for the office with a blouse. We strongly advise you to test mom jeans with pointy toe python pumpsyou will be on top of the trends!

How to wear mom jeans?  Tips, tricks and styling ideas
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Mom jeans and sandals: casual and summery

THE mom jeanswith its pretty 7/8 lengthe is really perfect to wear your beautiful summer sandals and highlight your ankles. For a casual summer look, wear your momfit jeans with a loose tank top and flat leather sandals. Feel free to add a straw hat and a pair of sunglasses.

Mom jeans and sandals + socks: fashionista look

Want to have a little fun? Dare to combine wool socks + open heeled sandals! It is a staple of the fashion-sphere, and it works very well with the cut of the mom jeans !

How to wear mom jeans?  Tips, tricks and styling ideas
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