How to wear fluid palazzo pants?

THE fluid pants, it is neither more nor less than our darling of the moment. We love them at the office, on weekends, for a wedding, for an evening… And, more importantly, we look good in them, whether we’re tall, thin, luscious, petite, young or mature: flowing pants are our new fashion best friend. find our tips and look ideas for wearing fluid pants !

Flowing pants and palazzo: are they the same thing?

To put it simply: the pants palazzo belongs to the family of flowing pants, just like the culottes for example, or wide straight-cut pants. Unlike its cousins, the palazzo has a fitted cut from the hips, sometimes to the thighs, and a flared leg thereafter. The culottes are wide from top to bottom, like the flowing straight pants. Another distinctive criterion: the palazzo is always high waisted, which is not necessarily the case with other fluid pants. Either way, whether you opt for a straight fluid pantsa culottes or one palazzoyou will be in the trend of the season.

Knowing how to choose your flowing pants

You would have understood it, there are different cuts of fluid pants, which do not all suit all morphologies. Same observation for colors and prints, there are a multitude of them, and it all depends on your style. We take stock.

Which flowing trouser cut for which morphology?

Let’s start by destroying a myth: it is not necessary to measure 1m75 and to be a small 36 to be able to afford the flowing pants. On the contrary, all women can be enhanced by pretty flowing pants, you just have to know how to choose the right cut.

The taller ones won’t have too many questions to ask themselves: all cuts and all lengths work. To know all the same, if you are tall and luscious, prefer a high waist to a normal or low waist, and favor a straight cut. This advice also applies to all women who have curves: the slim fit of the palazzo risk of visually increasing the forms in the area of ​​the thighs and hips. Regarding the height of the waist, it’s quite simple: the high waist lengthens the leg, while the low waist tends to narrow it. If you are very tall and rather slender, opt for a low waist that will nicely balance your figure. Conversely, if you are petite, bet on a high waist and a 7/8th length to visually enlarge your legs. Last thing to know about the palazzo pantsit’s a wonderful fit for figure-8 body types that have aligned hips and shoulders with a defined waistline.

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

What colors? What prints to be trendy?

In terms of colors and prints, there really isn’t a bad choice with a fluid pants, it all depends on your style. We love the classic plain palazzo in black, navy blue, beige, white, pink, purple… But we also love chic prints such as checks, houndstooth, stripes, etc. Floral, animal, geometric, wax, and similar patterns can also be very pretty but are more relaxed.

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

Our favorite materials for fluid pants

What makes a fluid pants pretty, it is above all its fall. However, to obtain a fall worthy of the name, you cannot use just any fabric. It has to be heavy enough to fall straight, and at the same time light enough to flow. So choose good quality materials, which do not wrinkle (too much) and which will retain their beautiful appearance despite repeated washing.

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

how to wear palazzo pants

Wear wide pants: tips and ideas for looks

Now that you know how to choose fluid pants Perfectit’s time to see how to wear it.

How to wear wide pants when you’re petite?

Like we said, if you’re petite, go for a high waist, straight leg, and 7/8 length. Avoid large prints and prefer smaller and/or vertical patterns to lie down. From there, it is quite simple to compose an outfit: add a top of your choice, tucked into your fluid pants, and a pair of heels. You can also wear a short jacket or vest.

how to wear palazzo pants

How to wear fluid pants when you are round?

If you’ve been following you know you should be wearing a straight fluid pants, like a culotte for example, high waisted if you have a marked waist. Opt for a rather fluid top, with a pretty neckline that will highlight your chest. If you wish, add a vest or mid-length jacket that will slim your hips and thighs. Heels are a plus but not a must.

how to wear palazzo pants

Wear wide pants to the office

Wide pants like palazzo pants or culottes make a great base for office attire. They are very chic and, depending on the color and/or pattern, quite formal for business attire. All you have to do is put on a fluid blouse or blouse to complete your outfit, and put on your favorite pumps, loafers, mules or sandals, depending on the season. For tops, know that a small fine knit sweater can also work, it all depends on the dress code of your office. Want an extra fashion touch? Bet on pumps with an asymmetrical cut, it’s THE shoe of the moment.

how to wear palazzo pants

Wear wide pants in a casual version

For a more casual look, bet on wide printed pants: flowers, wax, geometric pattern, houndstooth, color-block… Bright colors are among the must-haves of the moment. Add a simple plain T-shirt or tank top, and a nice pair of sneakers. Enhance everything with a natural and fresh beauty look, you will be perfect for the weekend. The accessory to have if you want to give yourself a little Coachella air: mirrored sunglasses to keep screwed on your nose!

how to wear palazzo pants

Fluid pants for a wedding

Depending on material and colorwide pants can quite serve you as a sublime wedding outfit in pants! For the look to be successful, we recommend very good quality trousers (silk or linen for example), to be worn as a suit with a matching jacket. Bet on a pastel or nude color, or for a bright color for a sharper look.

how to wear palazzo pants

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