How to wear colored contact lenses with style and naturalness?

Real fashion accessories, colored contact lenses now offer multiple possibilities to maintain an elegant and natural look. Also, whether it is a matter of brightening your look for an evening, intensifying the color of your eyes in a lasting way, or even changing tones ad infinitum, the colored lenses adapt to all and all needs. It is not for nothing that many celebrities have also set their sights on this type of contact lens.

That said, in order for them to be able to properly highlight your face, your style and your natural elegance, it is essential to choose them carefully. How to wear colored contact lenses with style and naturalness? We help you choose color lenses that suit you best.

What are colored contact lenses?

Colored lenses are similar lenses, in all respects, to conventional corrective lensesexcept that they are slightly colorful, so as to temporarily or permanently change the color of your eyes. In the same way as the classic lenses, they exist in daily version, as in monthly version. They therefore allow you, at your choice, to brighten your eyes a few tones for a special evening, a wedding, or even change the color of your eyes every day. It all depends on your desires.

For a stylish, elegant and perfectly natural effect, it is important that the colored lenses blend softly with your eye color. That’s why colored lenses aren’t actually uniform. The color is indeed applied in a striated way, so as to create a real gradient of tones between your eyes and the color of the lens. Inevitably, some areas of the colored lens are therefore transparent, to show your natural color and perfectly reproduce the iris. This guarantees you a look that is as irresistible as it is natural.

how to wear colored lenses naturally

In addition, for some years now, colored lenses can also adapt to your eyesight. Combining business with pleasure, colored daily lenses allow you to enhance your eyes while providing you with the visual correction you need. Today, colored contact lenses therefore go far beyond being a fashion accessory.

What color lenses to choose according to his eyes?

Colored lenses for light eyes

how to wear colored lenses naturally

If you have light green and/or blue eyes and are simply looking to intensify your gaze in a discreet and natural way, nothing’s easier. You just have to turn to lenses a shade lighter than your eyes, such as opaline green or turquoise blue. These lenses will indeed sublimate the perimeter of your iris, putting your eyes perfectly in value.

If, on the other hand, you want to go a little further in the change, set your sights on an unusual color, such as pearl gray and other shades of gray. Subtle and chic, this color will give you a radiant look of health and vitality. WOW effect guaranteed.

Colored lenses for dark eyes

how to wear colored lenses naturally

Dark eyes can also afford to wear corrective colored lenses, to illuminate their eyes on a daily basis while maintaining a perfectly natural appearance. For a discreet change, without exaggeration, but clearly visible, opt for hazel colored lenses. This color, soft and subtle, will indeed perfectly sublimate your dark brown eyes.

If, on the other hand, you want a more radical change for your dark or very dark eyes, while keeping a certain style and naturalness, you can also bet on a palette of frank and pronounced colors. Jade green or deep blue, with a rather dark tendency, are ideal shades to blend in with the natural color and elegantly change the look of a person with dark brown eyes.

Colored lenses: when the stars themselves get started

rihanna color lens
@Cubankite /

Before becoming a large-scale commercial success, colored lenses were for a long time the prerogative of stars and celebrities of this world, who used and abused them to modify their look ad infinitum. Some, of course, with more style and naturalness than others.

The pioneers of colored lenses are none other than South Korean K-pop stars, who, as early as the 2000s, sported colored eyes electric blue which contrasted radically with their naturally dark eyes. Very popular in this Asian country, colored lenses are also used by both women and men. Bright or electric blue is ideal for enlarging the look in a subtle and very natural way.

Also, you may be surprised to learn that singer Rihanna’s gorgeous jade green eyes are indeed just the result of colored lenses very carefully chosen. The intense green of her colored lenses blends, in a perfectly natural gradient, with her dark brown eyes. Moreover, the artist from Barbados does not hesitate to play regularly with the color of his eyes, whether in his photo shoots and / or his various appearances in public.

Another celebrity who does not hesitate to regularly change her look, always with some success, the young Kylie Jenner. The American influencer very often wears pearl gray lenses, which contrast radically with her brown eyes, while effectively illuminating her gaze. The result, as chic as it is natural, is simply perfect.


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