How to wear boyfriend jeans?

How to wear boyfriend jeans?

Comfortable, easy to match, pretty and very trendy, the boyfriend jeans definitely has it all. Focus on this essential of the women’s wardrobe: how to choose and wear your boyfriend jeans, fashion tips and tricks of your good friends!

Recognize boyfriend jeans

A true must-have for women’s dressing, boyfriend jeans are easy to recognize. With its rather ample and straight cut, its turn-ups at the ankle and its boyish look, it’s THE jeans that all fashionistas wear proudly. It looks like it belongs to your boyfriend, and that’s exactly why we love it. Be careful not to confuse it with the Mom Jeans, which have a more fitted cut and a mandatory high waist. It’s also not the same as slouchy jeans.

Boyfriend jeans: for whom?

Let’s rejoice, the boyfriend goes to all silhouettes. Whether you are tall, petite, round, petite, and whatever your body type, you can dare boyfriend jeans. You just have to choose the right model (we’re getting there), and then make the right associations.

Just remember that the boyfriend cut allows you to flesh out the finest morphologies, and to balance the more luscious silhouettes: a must therefore.

Note, however, the ample cut of the boyfriend jeans is clearly not made to show off your buttocks, so if you’re looking for “dream buttocks” jeans, go your way!

Knowing how to choose your boyfriend jeans

Whether the boyfriend cut suits all body types, you still have to know how to choose your jeans. You will have the choice between a high waist and a low waist, a slightly loose or downright oversized shape, and then various options for color and details.

Regarding the height of the waist, choose according to your morphology: if you have a marked waist, bet on the high waist. On the contrary, if you “don’t have a size”, prefer the low waist. For the round, it is worth opting for a high or normal size (at the level of the navel).

The amplitude of your boyfriend jeans is chosen according to your silhouette, but also the effect you want. THE boyfriend jeans the closest to the body (everything is relative, we still have a loose cut) are perfect for those who want to slim their legs, while the loose cuts will go well with those looking for a little volume. Also, the looser the cut, the more casual the result. In fact, if you want a boyfriend jeans that you can wear to the office, opt for a fit cut instead.

Finally, when it comes to style, it’s up to you: classic, raw, faded, torn, with yokes, embroidery, beads… There’s something for everyone. Remember that raw canvas is more suitable for winter outfits, while light or washed canvas will be perfect in summer. And, obviously, the more your jeans are ripped, the more relaxed they are. Finally, if you are looking for atimeless boyfriend jeans that you will wear for a long time, bet on sobriety, pearls and other embroideries are already going out of fashion.

How to wear boyfriend jeans?

THE boyfriend jeans goes with everything, and that’s why we love it so much. We love it in casual-chic with a white shirt and a fitted blazer, in a comfy look with a white tank top and flat sandals, in a preppy style, embroidered with pearls, with a blouse with a Peter Pan collar… So there’s a plethora of options, it’s a real dressing room chameleon.

How to wear boyfriend jeans when you are round?

We said, the boyfriend jeans look great on curvy women. Choose it high waisted or normal waisted (the low waist is no), and cut rather fit. Be careful, we do not mean tight, but above all not too loose, at the risk of thickening your legs. Favor dark fabrics (raw or black), which refine the silhouette, and avoid very faded and torn models, which visually increase volumes.

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Associate your boyfriend jeans to a pretty blouse, close to the body but not tight, worn in French-tuck (the front of the top tucked into the pants but not the back). The French-tuck lengthens all silhouettes, treat yourself. You can also put on a fine knit sweater over your blouse, it will go very well with the boyfriend jeans. Then do not hesitate to add a mid-length jacket or cardigan and a pair of heels, you will be perfect. Want more tips for dressing well when you’re plump?

How to wear boyfriend jeans when you’re little?

O joy, the boyfriend suits both large and small. If you are petite, opt for a cut fairly close to the body and avoid the boyfriend wide, which risks “drowning” you. Do not hesitate to associate it with a slightly loose top (but especially not long), which will create a nice balance on your silhouette. As for shoes, opt for heels if you like, or for a nice pair of trendy sneakers. Find more tips for dressing well when you’re petite in another article!

How to wear boyfriend jeans?
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What shoes with boyfriend jeans?

You can carry your boyfriend with trainers, flat or heeled sandals, derbies, pumps, espadrilles, ankle boots… Anything is possible!

Our advice for wear the boyfriend in wintermake cuffs and wear thick woolen socks underneath, with a pair of ankle boots it will be perfect.

Wearing boyfriend jeans in winter: which coat?

If it is true that boyfriend jeans is rather worn in the summer, it can still be very pretty for the winter. Just opt ​​for a raw canvas and choose your coat well. Prefer long and straight coats, which will a nice contrast with the ample cut of the boyfriend, and which will add a touch of chic to your outfit. Other outfit ideas to dress well in winter in another article!

How to wear boyfriend jeans?
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The boyfriend jeans in a nutshell

  • The boyfriend cut suits all body types
  • We choose a raw canvas for the winter, and we reserve the faded for the summer
  • We wear the high-waisted boyfriend if we have a marked waist
  • Wear boyfriend jeans in winter with a straight, long coat


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